I have returned.

 Returning yesterday I had been in Wyong Hospital for a week having surgery. Prior to that a host of medical appointments; with more to come. I must admit my stay was better than on previous occasions with more personal contact with the staff, particularly showering; spare me the details.

Having had to catch up with a weeks mail and other domestic clutter my past twenty-four hours have been a trifle chaotic, travelling to other websites long overdue will become a reality when my mind becomes more focussed. In the meanwhile, I shall try and find a long-forgotten post of some interest, Back soon.


Welcome back.
You have been missed.
Lee said…
I'm very tardy in my responses...for which I apologise, Vest.

I hope now by the time I am writing this....which is 4.15 pm Sunday 31st May...you are back fighting fit once more.

Take very good care...and no more communal showering!!!! :)

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