I'm Getting Expensive!

Due to the decline in function of my kidneys and resulting low hemoglobin causing anemia and occasional giddy spells. My nephrologist (kidney specialist) has prescribed a monthly Mircera injection. And although provided to me by the PBS (the free Australian pharmaceutical benefits scheme) for $6.60, I noticed on the box that the full cost is a staggering $1,090.37


I have had very expensive medications like that too. And continue to be thankful for the PBS and medicare, flawed as they are.
Anonymous said…
The full price is absurd. Thank goodness for our PBS.
Lee said…
Hey, Vest! I've been very remiss in responding of late. I apologies for my tardiness.

Take good care of yourself, my dear. (It appears you are doing so...just keep doing so!) :)
RO said…
OMG - that's horrible, and so unfortunate. I sure hope you are feeling much better these days. Hugs, RO

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