RE RUN 3. This applies to everyday not just Christmas

Female Weather (changeable) And the 'Last Post' before Yuletide.

It's Chilly Outside, a wind blowing force 6 from the antarctic. Three days ago blistering hot, also two days ago Sydney had flooding and a Hailstorm, last night we had an extra bed cover, the previous night the fan was on overtime.
Escaping the unseasonal Global warming thingy in Britain right now are the the 'WAGS', the English test cricketers nearest and dearests whose arrival may have provided the catalyst for their lover's Limp finish after being on top for two days.
This may be the last post until after Xmas, two days prior being taken up for medical thingies, and a bit of tidying up before our yuletide guests arrive. It is the Time of the Year to sit back and enjoy what life has to offer.

However, I would like to thank all of you who have been gracious enough to visit my blog site over the years, regardless of content it has been a rewarding time for me.
Christmas time for me is a period where I take stock and count my blessings although in my case the imaginative so-called real meaning of Christmas, The immaculate conception and all that other stuff I swallowed in bygone years are long gone. However, the joy we deliver to our friends, family and less fortunate people at yuletide adds strength and love to family ties, especially these years where divided and dysfunctional families are becoming commonplace, the need for family unity is. given a boost.
Christmas is the time for children to learn the art of giving as well as receiving, also paying tribute to elders of friends and family, and it is not a bad idea to segregate them at a family gathering where alcohol-induced conversation can be fraught with differing opinion, occasioning old scores to resurface where snide pragmatic innuendo dominates the chatter.
Even if you meet someone you dislike; a smile and a handshake and a suitable complement will help to break the ice; who knows you may even fall in love!!
Visits from our progeny and their offspring will dominate the seasonal joy, in the main by our local Gr/Ch, . other grandchildren six in number will also appear over Christmas to add to the jollity?

Don't forget to try and make any celebration a peaceful one.

Expressing yourself
When does expressing your self become losing your temper? You know the feeling, one minute you’re giving your opinion on something quite unimportant, someone says something and ‘bang’ you’re off on one.
Most of the time, unless you’re particularly obstreperous, it’s what’s going on in your life, not what’s happening now, that makes you short-fused.

Here are some triggers:

• Too much booze

• Not feeling well

• Not eating properly

• Not appreciated

Even so, there are things you can do to prevent or minimise temper outbursts:

• Slow everything down. Stop what you’re doing, stop talking and let yourself relax.

• Think about what’s actually making you angry and what its root cause is.

• Breathe slowly

• Have a word with yourself and talk yourself down.

Enjoy your life,   Vest.


How I wish that common politeness was common.
Sadly I can remember more than one dreadful display at Christmas, something we now make a point of avoiding.
If some family members (and sadly they are or were family) cannot play nicely then I refuse to spend time with them.
Anonymous said…
Rather wise words. I particularly like 'have a word with yourself'.

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