Thursday, 30 January 2020

Words on Wednesday

The words this week are selected from Group one from the blog of Elephants Child, they are the following. Splurge, Bonking, Veteran, Windows, Lasagne, Inconceivable

   Having achieved a reasonable body weight of about 78 Kilos, It is INCONCEIVABLE that I  have a SPLURGE on a diet containing LASAGNE. or engage in BONKING or marching with VETERANS. Flag-waving from WINDOWS would be the limit to VET day jollities.
While on the subject of bonking which has little to do with banking or money unless you enjoy paying for such excesses of the flesh, the word Bonking was attributed to its first usage by the dear departed Maggie Thatcher a former British Prime minister.

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Elephant's Child said...

I had no idea that Maggie was credited with coining the word bonking. I wonder whether she contemplated taxing the activity.

Vest said...

EC. I was informed ages ago that this Bonking word was first uttered by Maggie Although I am in doubt, simply because Sitting Bulls Son complained about his given name at birth. 'Two Dogs Bonking'.

Elsie Hanlin. said...

Nice to hear from you and agree re Foleau. I hope you are soon feeling much better.

Unknown said...

I am doubtful about Thatcher inventing the word bonking. It sounds very London East End to me. It is a brilliant soft word as a substitute for words we might consider crude.

Vest said...

Thank you, Elsie and Andrew, for your comments.

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Vest Has Left the Building

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