Fumbling for a word or description is everyone's birthright.

     Why did we not think of that before?
It is the best thing that has happened to the likes of Israel Folau, the self-righteous Ex  Thugby League creep has been turned into a Frog.
The blithering idiot has left our shores and defected to France with my blessing and I expect that the people of France will soon be inundated with this ex Thugby league muttonhead preaching to their Gay tolerant population, and a dead certainty to create dissension., anyhow the people of France deserve him and you may have him for keeps - free gratis.
 Israel Folau's defection from Australia will most probably expedite a more hurried Brexit by Great Britain from the European Union.

The truth is rather a current which flows from what people say to us, and which we pick up, invisible though it is than the actual thing they have said.

I would like to apologise for not replying to the comments received on my previous posts, this is due to me being hospitalised and other bodily dysfunctions over the past few weeks. Hopefully, I shall now  return and things will improve

Vest. Daily Gaggle.com 


I hope you are feeling much, much better.
And yes, anyone who is prepared to accept that sanctimonious twit is more than welcome to keep him.
Anonymous said…
It was really good to hear another team in the same league announce a Gay Pride Match.
Andrew B said…
Hi Dad
Interesting post
Love you, will get up there soon.
Dylan said…
Funny how you mention that it will hurry Brexit and that Brexit has now finally happened!
Vest said…
I have had problems with posting replies to comments received recently. thank you all for your replies.

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