Clover Moore? I say Cloverless.

Like the old song went, "dont have any more MissuS Moore", it is now a stark fact that Sydneysiders have reached their peak of discontent and are still maintaining the rage.
Todays statement  from this blinkered Mare AKA the Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore , will have enraged most people, only a person devoid of tact with the brain of a blind rocking horse would claim the Lindt Cafe siege in 2014 was not terrorism.
The whole world heard of this atrocity in grim detail which was committed by a  Muslim person who was declaed insane, I would believe that anyone blowing themselves to smithereens or engaging in a suicidal shoot out would have to be likened to a headless chook or a Lord Mayer.

Question . "Has the title 'Lady Mayoress' been dropped for the blokie title Mayor, or was it chosen to suit her likely differing gender " ?

Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.

Vest,.... Back soon.


You may have to consider me a tactless blind rocking horse.
The Lindt Cafe siege was a tragedy. And an obscenity. I am not certain that he had political aims. He just wanted attention. And got it. If he had systematically executed the hostages I would probably agree with you. His count was one, though all the deaths were because of his actions.
Vest said…
EC. I get that feeling that should I choose to wave an AK47 Machine gun in public in order to state my political leanings. it would be assumed by onlookers and the police alike that my intention was to enforce my opinion by using said weapon. fuelled by the recent gun attacks by assumed terrorists my stint as a public orator would be stopped in mid sentence.

Thankyou for your comment nice lady.
Anonymous said…
Elephants Child,That guy in the cafe was a terrorist full stop. one killing is not an accident. Mike.
Christine. said…
Hi Uncle Les,

It sounds like there's never a dull moment in your home, poor Auntie Rose, and poor you and Chris, it must be worrying for you both.

I'd like to think that your neighbors will keep an eye on the house and know that when Auntie Rose is out on her own that something could be amiss, after all you don't have eyes in the back of your head, though it would be useful at times.

I'm currently passing time at work, it's very quiet here, the lull before the storm, the Christmas traffic will arrive here at the week-end but I won't be here thankfully, I've got 5 days off after today (bliss) then at work for an early shift on 22nd December (just 1 day) then off again until 31st, I can't wait.

I've been very lucky with my time off this year but I did work all over the Christmas and New year period last year so I deserve it.

Dad will be with me over Christmas and we'll Skype you again, I'll contact Chris to arrange the best time to do it, it was lovely to speak to you all last time and I know Dad really enjoyed it. We'll have a full house as Steve's daughter Carly will be here with her fiance Jack and our Grandson Billy who's 18 months old and into everything so it won't be a dull Christmas by any means.

Give our love to all the family and take care of each other, we look forward to speaking to you at Christmas.

Lots of love and hugs


Vest said…
It is true that my wife and I receive more visual communication from the UK Meaning several different families and friends than the volume from our local tribesmen in this land of OZ.

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