Tornado hits Sydney NSW AUS..

A storm hit Sydney yesterday with wind strengths up to 212 Kls per hour . some dreadful damage occurred read about it in the Sydney Daily Telegraph on line.
Vest is not new to such phenomena having experienced a typhoon at sea off of Sakishima Gunto March 31  1945 which in fact saved our bacon and kept us the BPF out of operations for 24 hours until the yanks landed the next day on Okinawa; Easter Sunday and all fools day.The next Typhoon was in Sagami bay Japan late Aug 1945 prior to entering Tokyo bay. quite a scene with many smaller ships losing their moorings and floating around perilously. However, the worst was yet to come when in 1962 living with my family of wife and three sons in the suburb of Laichicok New territories Hong Kong, the  epicentre of Typhoon Wanda  the mother of all typhoons arrived over the colony. I leave out my personal experiences because they would not match the horror and suffering of others at the time of this tragedy. Wikki will explain it better.

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Typhoon Wanda (1962)

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Typhoon Wanda
Category 2 (Saffir–Simpson scale)
This TIROS weather satellite image of Typhoon Wanda was taken on August 30, 1962 at 0023 UTC
FormedAugust 27, 1962
DissipatedSeptember 1, 1962
Highest winds1-minute sustained: 175 km/h (110 mph)
Lowest pressure953 hPa (mbar); 28.14 inHg
Fatalities434 total
Areas affectedBritish Hong Kong, Portuguese Macau and China
Part of the 1962 Pacific typhoon season
Typhoon Wanda was the most intense tropical cyclone on record in Hong Kong. It was the 59th disturbance in the record-breaking 1962 Pacific typhoon season, forming in August east of the Philippines. Typhoon Wanda reached peak winds of 175 km/h (110 mph) in the South China Sea, and it made landfall on Hong Kong on September 1, producing gusts of 261 km/h (161 mph) which, in combination with a high storm surge, damaged thousands of huts and left 72,000 people homeless. Wanda left a total of 434 deaths, and it is estimated that an identical typhoon striking today would cause HK$2.6 billion ($335 million USD) in losses.


Somedays nature is not gentle. At all. And she frequently outwits/out powers people.
Vest said…
I have received news that my Brother in law and a great friend Richard passed away a few hours ago in England. I feel very sad.
Vest said…
The irony of it is, today I have received a Christmas card from the late Richard in England,

also a card from another friend named Richard who lives two minutes away.
Christine said…
I know that Dad enjoyed your conversations while you both recalled your experiences in Her Majesty's Senior Service The Royal Navy, you both had a wealth of knowledge on that subject as well as many others.
As a family we are still trying to come to terms with Dad's passing, it has been such a shock, we all thought Dad would reach the age of 90 and beyond, sadly for us it was not to be.
We take comfort in the thought that he has now been reunited with Mum, they celebrated their 63rd Wedding Anniversary on 27th December 2015 as I'm sure you know, the first time they have celebrated it together in over 9 years.
Dad's funeral is 11th January and I am confident there will be a large gathering of family friends and neighbours, people have such respect and love for my Dad, a true gentleman who we will all miss very much.
Love to you, Auntie Rose and Chris xxx

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