Spoonerisms. What is Your Favourite?

Professor Spooner after having delivered his speech regarding the retirement of the college Dean.. said  "Raise your glasses  ladies and gentlemen., I now propose a toast to our Queer Dean".
  There have been many faux pas  in the past , some real political clangers and such, which one is your favourite?  BTW The Rev W Spooner was the  dean of  New College at Oxford university around the mid 19th cent. a pasty faced weired looking bloke.
 Go on ... Have a go.

Vest.... back later.


I always liked 'you hissed my mystery lecture...'
Uk Relative said…
Verily it Twud seemeth that orstra aliens are from the planet gormless and wouldna have an inkling what a spoonerism is,one such goof replied that is a person who has not graduated from spoon to knife and fork.
Vest said…
Yes rello they breed everywhere in the world at an alarming rate. These people can be seen at most fast food outlets eating without any cutlery whatsoever.
Vest said…
Just Desserts
I was at my favourite restaurant and had a lovely meal
If I finished all my food then a pudding was the deal
I’d relished every morsel and was pleased as a Cheshire cat
The dessert menu was on its way, Oh I couldn’t wait for that

The waitress bought the menus and I rubbed my hands with glee
Oh sticky toffee pudding, now that’s the one for me
She came to take the order – we had waited as you do
She finally turned to me and said ‘oh Madam what can I get you’

Oh stiffy cockie pudding please was my swift reply
I didn’t realise what I’d said till I saw the tears form in her eye
I went as red as a beetroot and the others began to laugh
At my spoonerism which turned into a complete gaffe

Lower deck lawyer said…
In retalliation to that dergatory dig at one who is presumed to be British "So you are another Whinging Pom"
"Sir ,such a qualified remark would only be uttered by a sick Bludgerygalah"..... Mike.
WALLY. said…
Whats a bludgery galah or a lower deck lawyer.
Vest said…
Wally: One is a rather silly orstrayer person and the other a nautical loop hole larry.
BTW; Would you kindly ask Your tribal elders to stop performing 'Rain dances' for tourists, we have had it up to our ears, and we are filled to the brim except for the cockies.

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