Australian passports and more.

Going overseas no matter where you will require a passport, if it is a foreign or British passport you will have to have a valid Visa for your return to Australia.

If your passport has expired, you will be required to apply for a new one, and this may be achieved by going on line for the info. Here is the problem., IT WiLL

TAKE 9 WEEKS before it arrives back from merry England..

However if you are like some of my sons who are Brit Born and have not moved from Aus since their arrival in 1971 and have not become naturalized, not only will you have the previous problem but another denying you an Aus passport, which means a six month Wait to become a Aus Citizen after your application.
The application for an Aus passport will take around two weeks and cost half as much as a Brit passport. There are concessions for the aged and infirm..

In the past there have been anomalies where sportsmen like Kepplar Wessells a springbok from Suid Afrika was allowed to play cricket for Aus During the apartheid era,this was expedited by Bob Non combatant chook Hawk


It is hoped my youngest son will have his PP returned soon from merry England then we can get moving, we are packed ready to go, just waiting for those pommy paper pushers to pull their finger out. Hopefully the ETD will be July 25 ?.

Back soon ....Vest.


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