History and the 'Carbon Tax'.

History. On Saturday Oct 13 1986. A former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser gives a speech at the Memphis Country Club and leaves for a drink. He is found the next morning wandering around minus his passport, his wallet and trousers. An antique song "Donald Whares yer troosers" made a short lived come back. ....................................................................................... Being frugal with power usage over the past Quarter, you know the usual things like remembering to turn off from the power point and turning off when last out of the particular room, has actually reduced our consumption of electric power. However, despite our efforts to reduce the carbon emissions and save the blessed planet, we were Shocked to receive a power bill which exceeded the previous one by 27%. A jocular MP recently suggested that a punitive tax on Beer, Baked Beans, Port Wine and Pizzas should be imposed due to the fact that the consumption of these aforementioned products create flatulence and carbon emissions, those were only a few mentioned in the food chain. Further to the list of taxable carbon producers were wood fires, barbecues and bringing back the ancient chimney tax. I suppose when nothing else can be found to tax, there will be no alternative than to tax SUN usage, say Fifty bucks a month on each 10x5 Solar panel. If you are an Aussie reading this post maybe your intellectual input regarding this sudden gouge in the cost of electrical power can impart an explanation to which I have failed to comprehend. Let him that would move the world first move himself. Back soon ... Vest


Because they are planning to pay Costa Rica to pretend to plant trees, thus 'compensating' for the pollution they intend to make anyway.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Vest you are not alone, I have copped it too. as well as the general public. you read about it every time you pick up a newspaper.
Vest said…
LDL: The problem arising now is from those people who were inadvertently paid a lump sum of I believe to be $190-00 by the Govt to offset the carbon tax added to the winter bills now coming in. Some of these hand to mouth people could not resist the temptation to spend the windfall on something other than what it was intended for.
If or when future allowances are made to supposedly under privileged persons it would be much easier for energy suppliers to bill the Govt. This arrangement would be more suitable for all parties concerned in this cock up.
WALLY. said…
Vesty , our bill in Redfern was 942dollars for three months our mum had a fright.
Vest said…
Thank you fly. Ldl and Wally for your comments.

Wally, how about swapping bills, ours was 1,237 dollars, for 90 days.

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