History plus The Royal Australian 'Joyless' Navy.

On this day in 1604, King James 1 of England and as James 6 of Scotland Who detests the ever increasing habit of smoking, imposes a tax on the imports of tobacco. This new tax will be used to feed the Royalist's war chest for use in later years. ....................................................................................... Smokes fags baccy DF's for Jolly Jack are heading toward extinction in the Joyless Royal Australian Navy, Oh you can still choke on fag smoke but you will pay the full quid for them. Not sure if the Royal Navy still allow this unwarranted privilege and I doubt by now few Matelots presently serving in the RN will remember the grog issue, One eighth of a pint of rum watered down two to one. As a young sailor in the RN, I was not permitted to smoke until I was Eighteen and punishment was a severe thrashing if caught.However my first action station on the ADP meant you would get all the smoke necessary to choke you from the two huge Funnels (Stacks) and more so in a stern sea. It seems the RAN and the RN are now committed to a fit and healthy Bored totally shitless workforce, Or are there other bodily pastimes replacing the ancient mariners world of Rum Bum and baccy, seems unlikely. Today' sailors are a different breed and have to stay healthy and alert at all times one person describing the RAN as a 'Joyless' service focused on political correctness. And why do the Navies of the world retain the ancient comical sailors uniforms, I believe the RAN and RN uniforms go back to the 19Th Century. Most sailors would agree they are a pain in the ass. "Up Spirits, Stand fast the Holy Ghost" Vest..... Back soon.


I have the impression that the pleasures of life are only for our masters these days...the rest of us have to be superfit to jump to their orders...
U/K relative said…
I read in your Book where you described the navy uniform as Gilbert and Sullivan 'Comic Opera stuff'
Vest said…
UK Relative: You must be a shy type like most of my known rello's in Queen Elisabeth land. Once in a pink rainstorm they pop up but; only anonymously despite my efforts in contacting those who are known to be online.
It would seem the stiff upper lip and anonymity syndrome is still prevalent in that little island set in a silver sea.
BTW.read again Chap 40 "The Sailors Uniform".

Most sailors during my RN days, including those from other countries couldn't wait to take off those peculiar uniforms that are reminiscent of the times of Wigs and Crinolines.

As an incentive to attract more input from the UK I shall send a more expensive Christmas card to those who demean themselves and comment here. otherwise you will continue to receive an ALDI cheapo made in Honkers, minus the xoxoxo's.
C A, USA. said…
Wots Up spirits stand fas the holy ghost vest
Vest said…
CA: Long gone now but during the years the Royal Navy issued a daily rum ration,at 11am an announcement on the ships Broadcast system one would hear "Up Spirits",
whereupon hearing this the persons responsible would bring the required amount plus extra for spillage, from the spirit room.
In the Mess Decks jolly jack upon hearing the most favoured statement of the usually boring day, would reply "Stand fast the holy ghost.

Thank you FLY, UK Rello, and CA for your comments.

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