Gay Minority Win.

Since the fairy story of  Eve dropping her fig leaf to the demands of Adams snake in the grass, after eating the lustful apple, the pear or pair on the ground and their dubious descendants have been at it ever since.  The incorporation of sodomy was the next boudoir pastime, although not as pleasurable as the real thing so I have been informed; its cost cutting activity meaning non birthing and future responsibilities, have bred new genes in both sexes which have now reached saturation point, which means one in four births are now non heterosexuals.
Gay marriage has now been approved in Australia, now I am all for that happening providing they are male and female couples( meaning one of each gender) otherwise should the trend continue to accelerate with same sex couples it would eventually spell doom for the world population, mind you it would be a good idea to start this same sex  program in China and India.
Poorer Muslims have been back pedaling for centuries due to the more wealthy taking up to four partners in one go leaving them with the only alternative.
We now have the Christian faith industry Wallahs; particularly the church of Rome wailing "Now that  gay marriage has been approved it will undermine the morals and ethics that some of us have been brought up to respect, why should we have to pander to a minority". That coming from a bunch of non marrying serial bum bandits, who over the years provided the catalyst for young male altar boys and the like to become sodomised, they fearing the wrath of so called God should they not submit.

Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man , you just take it.

Vest ....Back soon.


Debbie. said…
Hope you are all well, we are trying to drum up enthusiasm for the dreaded Christmas shopping, it gets harder to know what to buy each year, especially for the grandchildren, hopefully I will get some inspiration soon!!! The weather is turning much colder now, snow has started falling in Scotland and around Wales, think we may get some by the end of the week, bbbbbbrrrrrrr!!!!! All is well with the family, we are going to Claires for Christmas day, along with everyone else, so she will have a houseful!!
Hope you enjoy your Christmas
Lots of love
Deb xxxxx
Vest said…
It is doubtful I will see any flow on effect of the gay bill..
I have a doctors appt next Tues relating to any outcome of my previus kidney problem,. blood and urine tests tomorrow should ring alarm bells on tuesday.
The other doc who I saw last Tuesday, phoned this morning with the news that, the exploratory of the blasdder op under local will not take place in 90 days,it will be less than thirty days and the sooner the better and also a gen anesthetic wiil be applied, this being due to the discovery of 'C' cells in my recent urine test.
needless to say, today I am pissed off.
C A. said…
Don't pack your bags yet, hope springs eternal.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Cheer up vesty old mate you still have a lot of mileage yet, thanks for the card. Mike.
Billy McGill. said…
Received your card this morning many thanks Shirley and I wish you and the the Family best wishes some were along the line I have mislaid your address Love to Rose Mary Up spirits Scouse !!!!

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