The Australian Annual Shonky Awards.

      Shonky products and dodgy Flood Insurance rated high in the Dubious and Dodgy goods and services annual awards.
Flood insurance is so confusing it has been named as among the county's worst products, alongside a weight loss nasal spray and Quail eggs  to cure erectile dysfunction.
Consumer group Choice awarded eight lemon trophies this year, the first of which went to providers of flood insurance which left home owners in three states without cover, In many cases this was because of many definitions for the term 'Flood' and the convoluted abuse of the English language which made policies indecipherable to even ambulance chasers.
The honours for misleading consumers went to SensaSlim for a weight loss spray costing $70 which supposedly decreases appetite. The serial conman Peter Foster is currently under investigation for his part in this supposed scam. Some of us will remember Foster as the architect of the 'Balin Slimming Tea' scam in the late eighties.
Quail Kingdom quail eggs website suggested the product retailing at $2-50 a dozen, can treat anything from tuberculosis to Chernobyl - style radiation also obesity. and for those with big bums, 'Peachy Pink' undergarments flogged at $55, were claimed to eliminate cellulite.
There were a plethora of other dodgy businesses taken to task by the authorities. Were you a victim or do you  know of anyone involved in a shonky set up ? Comment here.

 Everyone enjoy the coming weekend, and remember,  beware of scams.

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