Summer at last and why are sporting Australians bad losers?

The blistering sunny days are here at last, "Oh for some rain" but not in the former drought areas where  there is flooding. The famine and flood theory works well in the land of OZ.
Warnie, the former spotty faced wanker now semi retired red ball twister and ex druggo, reformed smoker, plus divorcee and sex mechanic - is back to his boudoir sex romping with yet another ageing married celeb. Little wonder his sporting interests have taken a back seat, ageing maybe but  Liz H has plenty more to offer than his former scrubbers, mind you his lucrative cricket deals in India may become forfeit should the Billionaire Indian husband of  Liz H object to  the cuckoo in his love nest .
The problem with OZ cricket at the moment, is simply a lack of Top Class players, but a plethora of  lesser players of equal talent. The selectors nightmare is simply having to pick a team from a bunch of losers.
The cry "Bring back Warnie" will fall on deaf ears simply because of Warnie's other financial interests and sexual exploits are more rewarding, and further more he is on a high at the moment and probably doesn't want to become associated with a bunch of no hopers, resurrecting Bradman from the grave would be a better option.
For those interested in my health problems, my time with the Neurologist last week was well worth the experience. It was nice to be able to communicate with someone who actually took the time to listen.
It would seem that the problems relating to my head injury 12-2-2008. will be  permanent. However, there are more tests to be carried out and final answers known before I contact the ambulance chasers for a possible insurance payout.

Here is a poser for you eggheads out there.

I was once 'C' but now 'Z', I look like a multi coloured envelope. What am I used for during daylight hours?

.Imagination is the eye of the soul....., have an enjoyable week....Vest.


Lower deck lawyer. said…
The problem as Shane Warne might see it, is if he did return to play and failed to impress, his worthiness would slump in the advertizing field and more so his income to support his whoring around. Mike.
Nice to know you have returned.
Kate...fb said…
Warnie Yuk. ugly fat slob, male version of Strumpet.

Luvs ya vesty. xxx.
Vest said…
The answer to the poser.

Flag C in the old Naval code, which was discontinued during WW2 to accommodate the Yanks who used the international code, entering the war became flag Z in the international code.
This flag was Square and envelope shape divided and described as.
Black to the mast.
Blue to the fly.
Red to the deck.
And Yellow on high.

Flown at the mast in daytime meaning, "I require a Tug"

Meaning a tugboat.
Jimmy said…

We embark on this SHIP on 31/12/2010


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