Post 721. Welcome to the Australian Summer ?

Yes it is the official start to our summer down under when the Sun tracks high above and scorches the skin off your back if you are daft enough to check it out. However, the Gods have stuffed up with the weather pattern and as I write our street is -er Avenue is looking more like Chalgrove brook plus an outdoor temp of 17deg with teeming rain as a bonus. So taking a break from writing scores of  Christmas cards and my Neurological  affliction in quiet mode  I shall try to explain my absence over the past four weeks.
The long awaited opportunity to see a neurologist on Nov 15 was thwarted by by my unexpected hospitalisation on 'Guy Fawkes Day' Nov 5th, I shall now see the the neurologist on Dec  8.
My sixteen day sojourn in Gosford hospital was caused because of Kidney failure, and after five attempts to get a line through my veins to my left kidney, I had several hours of dialysis treatment and other investigative treatment,. Fortunately my kidney recovered, however, the docs could not explain why and how it was caused, despite my explanation that in the first instance my precautionary check up was carried out at the time  when I was feeling fine and it was the investigative biopsy that produced the searing pain in my thingy, and shortly to follow the Swollen testimonials and the subsequent kidney problem.
I have been home a little over a week now and my gait is similar to that of steady Eddie - very wobbly and unstable, I have made a conscious decision not to drive for a while and my only outing apart from the garden was a 'Not to be repeated ' dizzy drive to the local supermarket and using the the Cart as a Z F.
Again thank you to those people  who sent get well cards and best wishes  and also the overseas telephone calls and to my nearest and dearest who with our eldest son traveled 16 times  to visit me daily, a total distance of 1, 500 kls.
I have been off the booze for a month now and my last two litres of liquid intake has been pure filtered water, generally I feel fine apart from the occasional head throbbing which was partly overshadowed during the stay in hospital.
I am now looking forward to reaching nine 0 but I am not in a hurry as such, there is much more good living to experience in this tormented frame of mine. Everyone have an enjoyable and prosperous week, love you all, Vest.

All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them.


Anonymous said…
Just living is not enough....One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.
Dylan. said…
Glad to know you're alright. I hope things continue on somewhat good
path. I'll be seeing you soon for Christmas, so, see you then. :)

With Love,
WALLY. said…
Glad your back vesty and Mum sends her love.
Jane Stokes - Honour. said…
Wonderful to hear you feel so much better. Love to you all xxxxxxxxx
Jimmy said…
watch out for WALLYs mom
Jimmy said…

Laugh when u can,
apologize when you should,

let go what you can`t change , kiss slowly , play hard,
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forgive quickly, take chance. ,give everything to your relationship ,

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life is too short to play coy

if u love some body like me
tell him now

if u want to kill some body

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Very Good Morning and Good Day to U.
Jimmy said…
Facebook,Twitter to blame for 1 in 5 divorces in US

Washington: 'Facebook' or 'Twitter' may have helped unite many people across the globe,but a survey has revealed that one in five divorces in the US now involve the popular social networking sites.

According to the survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers,a staggering 80% of divorce lawyers have also reported a spike in the number of cases that use social media for evidence of cheating.

Flirty messages and photographs found on Facebook are increasingly being cited as proof of unreasonable behaviour or irreconcilable differences.
Jimmy said…
Many cases revolve around social media users who get back in touch with old flames they hadn't heard from in many years,the Daily Mail reported.

Facebook was by far the biggest offender,with 66% of lawyers citing it as the primary source of evidence in a divorce case.

MySpace followed with 15%,
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The most common reason seemed to be people having inappropriate sexual chats with people they were not supposed to,

Mark Keenan,the managing director of Divorce-Online,was quoted by the British newspaper as saying.PTI

[Previous] International [Next]
Jimmy said…
I dont agree buddy

if I am irresistible to British women
dont blame FACEBOOK
Jimmy said…
Jimmy said…
A spokesman for the Atheist Brotherhood in Australia was quoted as saying: ”We feel strangely unaffected and will seek revenge by raising our eyebrows and shrugging our shoulders. I’ve already sent Pastor Terry a message wishing him good luck with his ecclesiastical grandstanding, and I feel sure he can grab a TV slot on a Baptist network with a weekly conflagration of tomes he hasn’t read and doesn’t agree with.”

Salman Rushdie, from a safe-house in Greenland, has called for calm and offered Pastor Jones a truckload of his novel The Satanic Verses to burn in place of the other texts. He said this should just about satisfy all parties, and if he can’t win the Nobel Prize for literature, then he might as well get it for peace. ”My books have been smoked in both hemispheres,” Salman said, ”so I’m not as easy to upset as some of these one-off authors like Mohammed and God.”

Funny and true. There’s nothing to get worked up over. Our ideas matter far more than the paper they’re printed on and there’s no reason to get upset by the thought of some of our favorite books going up in flames.

In fact, if any Christians would like to burn books written by atheists, I’ll be happy to donate some of my own.
Nigel said…
Hi Rose and Les, Sorry to hear you've been in and out of hospital Les,we all wish you well.
So it's quite warm in Australia at the moment, cause it must be your summer now Les.
We've had snow the last few days, six inches, very cold.
I'm off to Dublin,Ireland on the 14th December for 3nights, never been to Ireland before, so I'm really looking forward to it.
Hope Rose is well, give her and the family my love.
Sending you're Christmas card off to you and Rose tomorrow.
You take care Les, and get well soon.
All my love to you all
Anonymous said…
who is Nigel?
Vest said…
Nigel is our nephew , lives in Portsmouth Uk.
Jimmy said…
Terrible SNOW in Britain

Flights Roads and even foot paths frozen

Yes all Dicks too

Wallys girl

Hon come to INDIA for sun
and funn with Saby Jr
Jimmy said…
What do you think ?
want a Duck or u just want a hugg?


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If you’re being chased by a thug
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You should get up close and snug
Then reach out and give their ass a hug

When everyday all you see is bad omens
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When for the things you are owed, you never get paid
screw making lemonade . . . get a hug

Everybody wants one
everybody needs one
Some people, if asked, might just shrug
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me too
give me a HUGG hon
Jimmy said…
The first evidence of attitudes towards sex comes
from the ancient texts of Hinduism , Buddhism
and Jainism, the first of which are perhaps the
oldest surviving literature in the world.

These most ancient texts, the Vedas, reveal moral
perspectives on sexuality, marriage and fertility

The epics of ancient India, the Ramayana
and Mahabharata, which may have been first
composed as early as 1400 BCE, had a huge
effect on the culture of Asia, influencing later
Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan and South East Asian

These texts support the view that in
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between a married couple, where husband and
wife pleasured each other equally, but where sex
was considered a private affair, at least by
followers of the aforementioned Indian religions

It seems that polygamy was allowed during
ancient times. In practice, this seems to have only
been practiced by rulers, with common people
maintaining a monogamous marriage. It is
common in many cultures for a ruling class to
practice polygamy as a way of preserving
dynastic succession.

Nudity in art, was considered acceptable, as
shown by the paintings at Ajanta and the
sculptures of the time. It is likely that as in most
countries with tropical climates, Indians from
some regions did not need to wear clothes, and
other than for fashion, there was no practical
need to cover the upper half of the body. This is
supported by historical evidence, which shows
that men and women in many parts of ancient
India mostly dressed only the lower half of their
bodies. Whilst this has changed in modern times..(sex in india.. Wiki)
mil gaya link tujhe gundvi maa ki lodi
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Jimmy said…
Sat janam tak
Sat janam tak

does this mean that widows must not marry and have no sex life after death of hubby
how about the rules for men widowers?

Ref: Krisnabehn Khakrawala the TV Serial running on Sony channel in INDIA
Posted by Jimmy at
Anonymous said…
Merry Christmas Vesty and Rosemary. Hope you have a lovely family time and a great 2011.

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