An early start Today and a re-run of yesteryear

Up early this morning about five, the reason being I slept through the heat of the day most of yesterday. Er and I had a clubless weekend but a few JW's helped to soften the blow.
Our unreliable forecasters have predicted the end of this unusual weather pattern of eternal blistering heat which has killed off and delayed planting in the garden, today a partly cloudy day with possible showers, same as yesterday which failed to materialise apart from a cooling shower in the Bathroom, however the rest of the week indicates thunderstorms and possible flooding in low lying areas - be about right.
There has been a heap of changes on my P C over the W/end and it appears things are moving smoothly.
Our Air con works well in most areas until it reaches my office(the spare bedroom) Where a standard fan blows  air from a  metre or so away through my right ear making me more conscious of the tingling Tinnitus in the left ear.
Although My old Ship the The KGV Assoc has been wound up the U/k branch continued until this year after a lot of palaver, one of our members from Ballina Aust who never paid his dues was given a warm welcome, I shall not mention names of deserters from the ship in Sydney who were welcomed to the U/K branch, It is little wonder they did not communicate with us in Sydney too often. despite any Wartime heroics a few of those blokes were definitely up themselves and unfriendly and in complete contrast with their last chairman,Commodore Bill Kelly  whom I communicate with  and will do so until everything  fizzles out.

I am reminded of a post I wrote comparing the antics of our more relaxed association in Australia with those in the U/K.
A re-run of an old post from 2005.

Thursday, 8 December 2005


PLEASE feel free to comment, get it off your chest before the year runs out, about anything you wish to say. NO DELETIONS UNLESS THEY ARE OBSCENE.

VEST: I would like to say hello to my OLD shipmates of the HMS King George V assoc in the U/K to whom I will send a new JLS pen to replace their misplaced one ; should they comment here. We of the assoc in Australia have recently returned from a hilarious holiday in Coffs Harbour, going wild and enjoying life to the full, (Read your news letter)My beautiful Lady and myself are sailing down to Tasmania mid Jan, those of you who haven't yet lost their marbles will remember our ship going there Jan-8-46, and the great reception we had from the locals.

Reading your news letters really has me wondering what your domestic lives entail, as your assoc annual meanderings appear to be in need of a vitality boost, your several minor adventures were mostly centred around boring venues; unctuous church services and retiring to your beds at 9PM, "How Frightfully Exciting". It also seems that, our Assoc in the UK is lacking in leadership, or is it that the 'Lord of the Manor come Village Squire Kowtowing Syndrome' is still prevalent among you. "I say, you old English chappies" "Do you have to have a senior officer not of our ships company to lead you". BTW if the rude old Chancre bosun I spoke to over a year ago is still around, please would you say "Thank you" for the 'J L Spencer book you asked for free gratis that I sent you.
In the wash up I feel you old guys in the U/K need a push in the right direction, but never mind; not long to go now; pray hard, I recommend you click on to , For your next annual vacation. (just kidding) vest,
There were no comments from these dreary old shipmates in the U/K.


Anonymous said…
Hi Mr Vest, a bit different this comment box, all new to me, i liked it when you got stuck into those pommie mates of yours.

Anonymous said…
This new stuff is more complicated.

Those old guys must have gone by now.

'Lost their marbles' "good one"

Vest said…
Not surprised Wally, I am wondering If others are having similar problems. there is a total lack of response.
Vest said…
Thankyou Jane for your Easter Card. when I get this PC sorted I shall get back to love aunt Rose and uncle vest alias Les.
christine said…
Myself and big Steve send our best wishes to you all this Easter, go easy on the eggs though, JW is much better for you.
As I sit here all cosy in my PJ's we too have a thunderstorm, quite unexpected at this time of year but it will clear the air (joke).
Dad went home yesterday after spending a few days with us, he's decorating at the moment and is even spending a bit of money on some new furniture. He's still learning his way around his PC, but you never know, you may get a comment from him one day.
Steve is just back from Newcastle (UK obviously) after refit, he says it's cold up there but it's to be expected in the north, as long as we don't get any of that snow bothereing us again I'll be happy.
Will be back soon xx
Vest said…
Thanks Christine. Yes it was surprisingly cooler yesterday, the sun was bottled up all day by heavy cloud, still a trifle sticky from overnight rain though.
May I have your dads Email address please.
Last night I switched to clean skin soft white and lemonade, my noddle feels a little swishy this non sunny morn.
Have to see the vascular surg tomorrow to check the internal plumbing leakage fixed three weeks ago.
Rosemary's encounter with the doc has her feeling much better and it would be better if she disclosed any details as my familiarity with female anatomy has lost its way over time.
Have a great Easter break. love you all. Unc & Aunt Rose. xxx.
Vest said…
Wally & Frog: To make life easier I have switched back to the former system for commenting, thanks for your calls.
Vest said…
The left hand gun is a right hand gun, the right hand gun is a left hand gun, the centre gun is a right hand gun, THE ONLY POSSIBLE EXCEPTION WOULD BE the centre gun being a left hand gun if the ratio of left handed gunners was greater than those right handed.
Christine. said…
"If you work for British Airways and have been on strike this week, next time you see a soldier who's returned from Afghanistan make sure you tell him/her about your awful working conditions, poor uniform and low pay!! let me know how you get on....copy and paste this for all our troops"
Anonymous said…
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