Car and domestic problems and an unknown sibling appears from thin air

I changed the coolant in 'Henry' our Ford Falcon on Thursday-- a hassle to say the least. It leaked yesterday meaning a bottom hose change. Our large boat being prepared for sale (can't cope with it anymore) was in our garage, (Aud$25,000 and its yours),,,, and the falcon was in the drive halfway from being fixed when it tiddled down with rain. It was eventually fixed adding small bruising and a broken fingernail to add to my getting soaked to the skin, Rosemary Say's "Well you won't have to cut the grass today dear but it will be a blessing in the rural community and help douse the bush fires, she then put 'Start you bastard' our mower back in the shed to prevent more anguish... oh no not as such; Chris our son appears with tidings of great joy indicating the freezer had died aged 23 and the defrosting was well advanced. After a rapid cleanup and a visit to the big H/N store our new Fisher & Paykel freezer made in New Zealand (Not ying tong land)... was up and going in about two hours.
Shortly after lunch I went into the land of nod for a brace of hours waking around 1600 or eight bells and the start of the first dog watch. After Dinner Rosy popped over to the club for the meat raffle and returned empty handed. I decided not to go out and we stayed in to watch cricket and an ancient movie.
Then at around 11pm The bombshell struck.

I had become an Uncle to a Fifty year old lady both a mother and grandmother whose father was a missing sibling.... my younger Brother born 19/1/31 passed on approx ten years ago. My family is excited over this new discovery, but any information relating to this family extension will only be available to bona fide relatives until such time a need to know only will be extended to others.

I shall be more busy from now until after Christmas posting time a premium. Must take a rest. A big post after the festivities, have an enjoyable Christmas. VEST. Back soon.


Anonymous said…
The long lost rellie sounds exciting - hope it works out well. Good old Fisher and Paykel aye ... thumbs up there. You and Rosemary have a lovely Christmas and New Year - catch up with you all after.
Anonymous said…
Hi Vest

You have successfully created the following ad.
Ally Craft 4.75 Challenger Cuddy Cabin

Selling price $ 24,000.00

Good luck with your sale!
Vest said…
Google.....G.GLOBAL WARMING A song by peter Day. Video..

Peter will be at our house for Christmas dinner and drinks. Don't think it will take precedence to my knee's up songs by Chas and Dave.
'Fine tuning' thats the problem.

comments welcomed.
Keshi said…
lol @from thin air!

r ya serious Vesty? gee wow thats exciting indeedz!

Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to ya too! :) X

Vest said…
Keshi; Absolutely. Nice English lady...My new Niece informs me that, my missing brother who is her legal Father married to her Mother, was born 19-1-31, sadly or otherwise he passed on approx one decade back. Unwittingly I met said brother when a two year old, and I was seven years old, way back in 1933. Enjoy the festive season Keshi,xxx.
BTW, when will you resume your posting?
Neil Aves. said…
Nichola & Neil. said...
Very merry xmas to you all from the land of snow, love nick.
Jay said…
I think I already know a whole family of these new people....

Happy holidays to you too.

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