Red Dustand plenty of it.

For dramatic pictures referred to in my blog, .......GOOGLE ...Sydney Daily Telegraph Sept 24 .09 These pics are amazing. you may comment on my blog.


Anonymous said…
It's always amusing to watch the 'City' news from here in the bush (The great city spring clean, Sept 25).
I watched in amusement as city folk walked the streets of Sydney with their fragile little respiratory systems sheilded with face masks.
Surely a little Dubbo NSW dust is a lot less harmful than the polluted air you fella's suck in every day.
Wednesdays dust storm is a regular occurrence in the country.
It was torment to watch Sydney's CBD being hosed down, windows of high rise buildings receiving a tender sponge bath and dust covered vehiles lining up to be pampered with the one thing we don't have here - Water.
Imagine how our farmers would kill for the water Sydney wasted washing streets and cars.
Hopefully Wednesdays dusting will remind out city cousins that we are doing it tough out here.
Remember who put your Wheat in Weet-Bix and the beautiful racks of lamb that are served up in metropolitan eateries.
How about you using this as a reality check.
There's life over them there hills - and it's tough.

Jane Keenan. Central West.
Vest said…
Thanks anonymous, I believe I have read this article else where.
Dover Steve said…
Morning Vest,i read you blog with interest & took your advice to google the Telegraph.The pictures are quite incredible,it's as if your whole part of the world has been given a sepia effect & i also read that a second front is moving in,i hope you haven't been affected to much & the clen up goes well,but i suspect you'll be finding red dust everywhere for a long time to come.News from the old country is that your brother in law became a member of the octogenarian club last weekend,i know he was pleased to talk to you & Rose,he had anice meal with family & friends on the day & on Tuesday Christine took him to the West End to see Phantom of the Opera,then he came to stay with us in Dover for a couple of days,during which we visited Folkstone harbour,i took some pictures & will email them soon as i seem to remember you telling me you lived there as a boy for a short while & you remember going down to the harbour for a bucket of dabs.Love to Rose & take care.
Vest said…
Steve: I would have been about five years of age when living folkstone, poor as church mice during the depression, the fishermen would give us the small ones that they were unable to sell. We would have eaten the heads as well if we were hungry.

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