It seems that the Clubs are not coming out of the recession

It could be that the working person has one way of cutting back on spending in order to top up the mortgage and other high fiscal outgoings and that is by staying home with a slab of tinnies and cheap plonk for er indoors, this is becoming the in thing. This is not a new conception but an echo from the past when shanks pony was the main mode of transport and robbers lurked around darkened corners to bail up unsuspecting intoxicated wayfarers. sadly these have been replaced by people called bobbies cops garda's and other unsavoury names like Govt revenue gatherers.
By inviting your friends around on a reciprocal basis and arranging a designated driver or pick up or a Cab can cut the costs of having a social gathering enormously. Most (grown up)families have facilities for entertaining to implement this , although I would not recommend this sort of going on where young children may become involved.
Although policing these indoor activities does raise questions. however choosing carefully would avoid any unpleasantness.
Over the past three weeks of monitoring the activities of clubs within close proximity, a shift in patronage by clubbers has been forced upon by clubs drastically changing their entertaining formats. This location where I am hosts a population of mainly aged over fifties, retirees with more disposable shekels than the average Mon - Frid blokes.
This past Friday: We went to our local club, there was no one there we knew except staff, most patrons were leggy scantily-dressed some nice looking women ave age about eighteen to forty, about 200 or more outnumbering available Beaus about 4-1.
This new disco from 9-1am has driven the oldies further afield.
A quick gander in the Soccer club at 9-15 pm revealed there was no entertainment and very few patrons.
Last night-Sat, our local club closed two sections for private birthday do's and the main sector was getting an ear bashing by a duo of blokes presumably musicians.
The next visit the soccer club, this was sad; a four piece band playing to a disinterested audience of seven people.
The ex Masonic club now a sports club is where we stayed until the closure at 11-45pm. A sort of tin pot group playing tired well worn music entertaining a group of middle aged bimbo's and guys most of which were known to us who would normally go to our local club. Will things ever get back to normality again? Dunno wots normal?
A group of ancient futlookerdowners (line dancers)have also flown the coop these old hens (boilers) were regulars in the club, maybe they have crossed the road to another club for some fowl reason.

There are health benefits when you are being sociable. The quality of one's social life could have a greater impact on health than diet and exercise, membership of social groups(I believe it would include Blogging)does have a positive impact on health and well-being. There is growing evidence that being a member of a social group can significantly reduce the risk of conditions like stroke and dementia. So those of you including members of my family leading a sedentary life, get off your butt and get out and about, you will live longer.
For those who have to trudge to work this coming week "May your week be fruitful" and those like yours truly have a pleasant sociable week.


WALLY said…
Mum says she liked the bit about the line dancers, the old chooks crossing the road for some FOWL
frog said…
Ive been slung out of more bars and clubs for being sozzed than i can count -its nice to have a good pissup even when you cant remember where.
Jimmy said…
Jimmy said...

Jimmy said...
hott chat on my messenger
Jimmy said…
Jimmy said...
when a good boy meets a good girl
it is heaven on earth

paradise regained
as we walk again in the garden nude

all innocence
all LOVe

and loving

Jimmy said...
if KESHI walks in here now
she gonna go Eeeeeewwwww

Jimmy said...

5:34 PM
Rex Venom said...
You are mad, old boy! Mad! And I love it! hahah
Tell what you did, for real, for your Birthday.
Rock on!
Jimmy said…
6:12 PM
Jimmy said...
u dont want to no guys

It is not easy for an old man to get laid in Mumbai

I was chatting with Carol all night long
she lives in Cannes France

she not teenager, she 53
but she dreams like one

bloody hell
she made me shave off my beard and noustache

or she wont bises me
she said

not even cyber bises
Jimmy said…
Jimmy said...
bises is KISS I think
I have a hard time talking with her

she says OUI
when she wants to say YES
lower deck lawyer. said…
Good post Vest, sad about the decline in your club world.
I guess no one really can return it to normality. We can only give it a tiny nudge. It rolls on regardless, itself a victim of vested interests who control the game from the shadows. Mike.
Vest said…
Borrowed from Lord Sedgwick blog.
A statement by our OZ Prime Minister.

"I don't care what you robusters think!" the centre-left leader reportedly told them, before singling one out and telling him "You can get robusted ... don't you robusting understand?"

Has the 'F' Word finally been 'Outed'
By. J. Watson. said…
Dementia on the rise.

Western Sydney would be hardest hit by a dementia epidemic in the next forty years.
The access economics report released yesterday, suggested more older people were moving to western Sydney driving up the rise.
That meant a heavy burden would fall on area Alzheimers Australia.
frog said…
Old fogies and Dementia sufferers should be compelled to take up clubbing and 'Line Dancing' now that their Robusting days are over.
rosemary said…
I had to see what hubby was ranting on about, so I trolled over to 'there aint no sanity clause" the blog of Lord Sedgwick.
Where only truth is in the written word. Hubby's comment follows - he is delirious with excitement.

"Oh goody goody. Now are you sure this is a disgusting insanitary word I may now use to abuse people.
Has the 'F' Word been outed?
It does sound exciting, a new era for Blasphemics(is that a word)?

Hubby Vest, you are very naughty, and it is my belief that this word will take longer to catch on than driving the other side of the road.
Frank Cook. said…
The older we get the more important it is to incorporate exercise into our daily routine. This is necessary to maintain cardiovascular health and maintain muscle mass.

If you're over 40, you might want to take it easy at first, then do more repetitions as you become more proficient and build stamina. Warning: It may be too strenuous for some.

Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program!

SCROLL DOWN.............

That 's enough for the first day. Great job. Have a glass of wine.

Frank Cooke

T: 01462 672717 M: 07976208804
Anonymous said…
Good for you Vesty .... getting out and about. It is important and it would be sad to see the social side of community dying away for raucous disco stuff. Nothing beats good company/conversation/dinner and dancing.
Vest said…
What could possibly beat a convivial night out of dinner wine and dancing etc with a heaven sent Aggie?
Exotic thoughts abound!

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