Once More Our Prodigal offspring has left the Fold

Gratis living with Mater and Pater (Hopefully) will be a thing of the past for our much loved # V son. He has moved to Muswellbrook in N S W, which is 167 kilometers distant. To soften the blow and assist his departure Mater and Pater were gouged for another half grand(well Spent).
We are once again 'Catless', the catproof wire netting in the garden is no more, and the 30'x12' shed now houses the former contents of the Dble/Gar which is now useable.
We shall also have in excess of 150 bucks extra of disposable wkly income.
The news of his impending departure came as a relief, despite the scorching weather and the double journey on Tuesday; which finally ended 4am yesterday - Wednesday 4th.
Sleep deprivation took its toll with the blogging yesterday.
Another scorcher today with more promised. Sorry but I keep nodding off, so i'll get back to you soon.


Jimmy said…
let dem go
dont be like a mother hen

familiarity breeds contempt
absence makes the heart grow fonder

wasnt talking about your kids
let RM come to mumbai on Feb 21
Anonymous said…
Woo Hoo - more freedom for Mater and Pater. I've visited Musselbrook when in N.S.W.
I hope you aren't melting too much over there - we are very warm and toasty here - Phew!
Keshi said…
if u love someone, set them free... but if he comes back again, then he wants ur sandwiches ;-)

Vesty Im melting over here in Sydney!

Vest said…
Seems we are all enjoying the sun today, at 1130am the mercury topped 35 here in Budgewoi on the Central Coast of NSW. No sign of rain, however, the pigeons and other misc birds have returned to feed in our garden, their numbers decimated in the past by the now absent moggies. The garden is much tidier now minus the Wormwood Scrubs wire protection.

Everyone have a nice weekend.
Thank you for your comments.
Vest said…
We have a raging bushfire 5 kilometers north of here, about 100 acres gone for starters, there are several others further off, the smoke haze eclipsed the sun during the afternoon. I suppose it won't bother the fag puffers but I would prefer the sun.
Anonymous said…
Vest said…
Tim: Go to your local cheapo store and purchase a cheap Chinese fabricated fan(some Assembly required). If confused contact 'B' your friend, at United Assemblies.
Your mother and I shopping yesterday purchased a 40cm fan from the reject shop, costing $15-00, I assembled said fan in 20 minutes. The new fan was a replacement for the fan I gave you when you moved out on Tuesday, it came from my blogging room (Office). I am finding it comfortable on the first notch; although the outside temp has reached 38 deg Cel, the Loungeroom Air-con is not turned on. So pop out on your Bike and buy another fan and dont be a wimp.
Final costing for your move borne by your dear mother and yours truly- $644-00, this will be written off and join all previous write offs and monetary muggings.
BTW Tim, thank your lucky stars you are not living in the Uk, where everyone is sticking red hot pokers in their beer and avoiding icecream and fans at this moment.
Jimmy said…
Woe is me
Shame and scandal in the famoly

your dad aint your dad
but your dad dont no

your dad is your uncle Scrooge
Vest said…
Jim: Although you Jim at 57 are still a Jimmy, Tim isn't a Timmy anymore, he is a grown man whose
2nd 21st is on the 2-8-2009.
Anonymous said…
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