Aborigine Rain Dance a Waste of Energy. Wash the car , it works every time.

It hasn't rained in this neck of the woods for 32 days. Heaps of sunshine blue skies scorching heat and Bush fires have been the order of things, then the change came last evening with a brisk south easterly wind bringing relief, although the wind was not helping the people in Victoria 1000 kilometers in the south of OZ where enormous cost in lives and property has devastated the state.
This morning arrived with overcast skies and and a few bright patches later, however, the wind had dropped to light airs but cool enough for me to decide to wash the car and water the garden and plant a few seeds(Now the Cats have departed).
I haven't had my usual siesta to day - far too busy with chores one cannot do when the temperature becomes oppressive, ( Never mind Tim , you won't need the Air/Con now).
At ten thirty PM, finished suffering a rerun of Indiana Jones 4 on Fox, #1 Son announces "Dad its pissing down outside and I can hear thunder", I told him it was the best place to rain and was not surprised we didn't hear thunder due to the movie.
That just about covers all the excitement for today, I'll check the Lotto results then I'll be off to bed. sweet repose, Vest.


Anonymous said…
I hope you are coping with the heatwave ok Vesty. We are all thinking of Victoria and those terrible fires. I hope you get some rain relief soon.
Vest said…
Hi Aggie; first again to get the ball rolling, 'What a nice person you are', X.
About 15mm of rain arrived overnight plus we have a slight drizzle and completely overcast skies, temp 18 Cel. Have a lovely day.
Jimmy said…

A always comes first
not good
Keshi said…
its raining over here too...and so very cold all of a sudden!

Anonymous said…
I have friends in Toolangi bracing themselves for a horrific night, keeping their family safe on the farm they have worked on 50 years plus.They cannot get out on either side road,nor can the CFA reach them. They have stranded people who turned back and had no safe place to go,and they too are out with hessian bags belting out embers .75% of their livlihood is gone and they are one of the only remaining/standing houses on the Kinglake side of Toolangi.My heart goes out to the sheer tenacity and the determination,the true spirit of our culture.We will have to lick our wounds and take years to take stock of the sheer enormity of this. Please ,the arguers, give something to these people.they are your kin and our future,I bet we will all end up with a 7 degree connection.and you will be somehow connected to someone who has been there. Peace hope and understanding.
Vest said…
Keshi: It is down to 14 deg Cel in the coastal resort town of Budgewoi. We are having a thunder storm at this moment and it's tiddling down.
Vest said…
Continuing light rain overnight; 2.5inches or 50 mm of rain since Monday 10 pm, overnight temp 11 Cel, Air/ Con on heat at 730 am. shorts off tracks and jumpers on.
This is Midsummer.
This is what is known as changeable weather patterms or global freezing.
Anonymous said…
Fire in Bakery, out of a job for a few weeks. so taking a holiday in the sun, somewhere.
Jimmy said…
News results for jungle jihad aussie wild fire
Could Oz wildfires be jungle jihad? - 5 hours ago
The posting — which instructs jihadis to remember “forest jihad” in summer months —says fires cause economic damage and pollution, tie up security agencies ...
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