Vest Remembers V E Day 1945, Er - but only vaguely.

Amidst the worldwide scene of jollity-dancing in the streets and a feeling of relief that the war had finally come to an end in Europe. there were others who were not too happy with their lot, those who were committed to ending the war in the pacific region, the major conflict being in the north pacific near Japan and its island dependencies, the conflict on Okinawa at the time; halfway through to its finale and with a loss of 48,000 American lives. Then of course was the massive American Naval fleet and the lesser sized fleet The British Pacific Fleet(The Forgotten Fleet)With its 70 Warships 6 A/C Carriers, 2 Battleships, 12 cruisers and, 40 destroyers and others. The carnage at sea and in the air continued on V E day and beyond to the August VJ Day; and beyond that day too I recall, few of us had cause to celebrate due to most of us being under age Children, Those like myself in exposed action stations had to put up with a continual display of Aeriel acrobatics by the Japanese Air force and other unfunny life threatening situations. but good fortune was to be my lot whereas a lot of shipmates despite their prayers did not make it home to Mum. any how my dear old mother r i p had no idea where I was. However, I am a Survivor.


Anonymous said…
Hi vesty, xxx you are my hero xxx kate xxx
Anonymous said…
Vest was the enemy of my people in 47 he was close yet i never met him, we met by accident 46 years later and exchanged thoughts on the past. he is among my favourite buddies, pure gold.
Anonymous said…


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