Sat on My Specs yesterday. Real bad feeling.

Reading news papers lately is producing a weepy eye effect, it's bad enough wasting ones precious time reading the junk even after skipping the sporting, celeb and advertising crap, however, the odor, fumes, smell, or stink which ever you prefer; emanating from the news print, is becoming a source of discomfort, it seems that, suddenly I have developed an aversion to newsprint, but worse still are the colorful magazines and supplements.
Is anyone else experiencing this phenomena? or is it just today; to see clearly, I have to peer closer with my distance specs - in tandem with my ancient pair of discarded reading goggles.
I had wiped my eyes and had laid my readers down somewhere, even when wearing distance specs I failed to find them. so I went into the spare bedroom which I use as an office and an escape area and sat on the colorful counterpane quite heavily and 'Eureka' I found them.
After copping an admonishment from er in doors for unseemly language, I popped down to the Optic bloke down the road a bit, who informed me they; that is the specs, were beyond economical repair, I then cheap-skated and bought an economy pair for $165.00 after a 10 per cent discount for cash, although at the time of purchase and the cleaning out my wallet failed to relate to the term 'economy'.
Maybe Mon or Tues will SEE me with my new goggles, Hopefully.

Vest Daily Gaggle.


Jim said…
dont read the papers
only the comic strip

the world is in bad shape
and so are u
Vest said…
Thanks Jim, Alias Saby:

In bad shape, maybe, but for an Octo guy who has an active brain IQ 142 and also drives - (boat too)-is Boudoir active, does push ups and rides a bicycle, I can't be too out of shape.
Last year during an unfortunate incident, I decked a bloke half my age.
Keshi said…
Im sorry to hear that Vest. I hope I neva sit on my iPod!

Anonymous said…
Old guys like us need eyes up our backside to see where we are sitting. How about calling them Glarses
Vest said…
Collected my new specs today, I feel ten years younger, and a "Thank you" to those nice people who E mailed condolences, well I'm back and ready to fire; so watch out. xxx

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