Will the Daily Telegraph Sports Reporting Bigotry get the Chop too

A Group of former British residents now living permamently in Australia as bona-fide Australian Citizens, have won an advertising ban on the use of the words Pom and Pommie.
This info has come to my attention when reading my favourite newspaper(delivered to my door daily). This had been written by the hand of an unpublicized Daily Telegraph Shit stirring bigoted journalist, Headed 'Whinge persists ' it reads-
A GROUP of Australian Brits who won an advertising ban on the use of the word Pom now want the United Nations to rule the use of the term as racial discrimination.
A beer ad was taken off Australian radio this week for the use of the word Pom, slang for a Brit, often teamed with the adjective whingeing.
Now the emboldened group-British People Against Racial Discrimination-are petitioning the UN to take action on the word.
Its 26 members, who have spent four years campaigning against the word, say they don't want pom totally banned.

So the writer of this info made it clear to me that he or she was also emboldened enough to redicule the efforts of those people who too have the right to dwell in this wonderful country of ours without having to live with arrogant self centered arseholes like pig ignorant ten-a -penny sports journo's in particular, stirring the racial hatred shit bucket.
Vest Dailygaggle.com

Read Vests previous post January 18 . 07, 'Cricket lovely Cricket' A sensible answer to the real meaning of the word 'POM'


Anonymous said…
Mr Vest. Please tell me why you use the title 'Cricket lovely cricket' when the game gives you a (_*_)or the eebie jeebies. good post,:)
Vest said…
Amy. Cricket lovely cricket. Is derived from a Calypso song, sung by the West Indies 1950 Test Cricket team when they first beat the 'Ps' must not say that word, English cricket test team. The two opposing capt's were John Goddard, WI, who I met briefly in Barbados in 1958, and Norman Yardly, ENG.
These are the lyrics of the calypso, look for the song on the net.
Cricket lovely cricket
At lords where I saw it
Cricket lovely cricket
at lords where I saw it
Yardley tried his best
But Goddard won the test
They gave the crowd plenty fun;
second test and West Indies won
With those two little pals of mine Ramadhin and Valentine. rpt.

Sonny Ramadhin and Alf Valentine were the WI successful bowlers.

Hope this keeps you happy.
Anonymous said…
trusting in God wont make the mountains smaller

but climbing will be a lott easier

Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Anon. Does it really? allow me to inform you I am totally
disenchanted with the faith industry.

Saby or Anon, that was over the top. you have been sniffing gasoline again.
Anonymous said…

dis site is for U Vest

and me
Anonymous said…
Pom is not a racist term??

Vest said…
Saby-Anon. Thanks , I'll check it out.

Ha now beautiful Keshi. Whether we like it or not, It has been deemed officially that, the "P' word Is offensive and racist, and has been banned by the A S B.
Some magistrates will accept that a complaint on receiving a punch on the nose in retaliation by an offended person for being referred to as a, Slope head, *Currywog, Wop, Pom, or wog etc, and by assisting the slur by adding offensive adjectives such as Bastard, C---t and asshole etc, will have no merit. And the result could mean Judgement against both parties for inciting an affray. :)x.
Anonymous said…
So I can't call you a pommie bastard any more- vest me old mate, glad you enjoyed the cricket er er er, never mind it will turn around again.
Vest said…
Anon-Saby: Guessed it was you, posts of never ending boring biblical length become tedious, it was all much of a sameness, and not an original by your own hand; to be polite.

Are you on new blogger yet? I can't post on old blogger, I have no choice but to submit to pressure.

Lower deck lawyer.
You may call me a pommy bastard anytime- you strayan Bludgerygalah.
I hope it didn't hurt too much, you didgeridooing dingo. avagday.
Vest said…
And once and for all, Why would you want to use these demeaning words which you know may offend some people?
Whether in your opinion it could or not be a friendly greeting on your part; it still has that "I am better than you" and "You are different to me" suggestion.
Anyone using these demeaning words which may cause offence, should think again before using them; as retaliation from the offended may come as a shock thereby creating violence.
Anonymous said…
hi vesty , do you know what the tyre on a fiat sounds like if it suddenly gets a puncture.
It goes 'WOP Wop Wop Wop Wop Wop

Im a wop girl and I thought it was a good joke
Jim said…
who the fuck r u ?

u r ancient

how did u survive New Years Eve?
Vest said…
Dear oh dear , Jim or Saby Dasouza, Your schizophrenia has reared up again, It seems you have a greater list of aliases than jack the ripper. What is bothersome are the girly names you choose as monickers, Your biodiversity is evident too.
I suggest a head transplant, A donkey head perhaps.
Vest said…
Kate: It is a pity The Italians and Greeks don't play cricket, it would take the pressure away from England. Apart from the Kiwi's. other national teams are referred to by country of origin only.
I suggest the following.

England, Bulldogs
West Indies, Calypso's
South Africa, Proteas
Bangladesh, Bangers
New Zealand, Kiwis
Pakistan, The Packers
India, The Indians
Australia, The Bludgery Galahs.
Anonymous said…
when do i get to see your rinkled ass in Goa?
Anonymous said…
i love WOP girls
Jim said…
Saturday, February 03, 2007
the future is Awaiting

All u white folks out there
u wont find any more whites on dis planet very soon

the world is mixing as awaiting has already done
u gotta face the fact
every 5th person in dis world is Indian if not chinese

the chinese and indians are mixing too
So there wont be white folks like Karen (anti-immigrant) and Michele (anti-indian)

Michele and Karen may hide from Saby for now
but sooner or later a guy from India is gonna hump u guys and give u brown children like awaiting

Picture a beautiful sea of brown guys
no more white, black or yellow
posted by Jim at 3:37 AM 2 comments
Vest said…
Jim or AKA Saby, When this comes to pass, The Ruling ultra light Browns, will retain the status quo and rule that, the light browns travel at the front of the bus, and shit stains like you at the back. Have a nice day asshole.

Keshi, is near white, she may travel at the front with me and hold my hand.

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