Ill timed Annoying Television Advertising

My Family sit down to dinner-tea -whatever around 5-6pm. To keep talk to the minimum we watch free to air news on the TV- Puctuated by irritating adverts which neither amuse or hold our attention. Our Favourite Disgusting mealtime advert is about the Smelly yellow diseased large toenail which opens up along with its accompanying chatter about smelly fungi and microbes. The equal favourite, is the Pensioners Insurance lady, who gabbles on like a Spanish-fishwife, without coming up for air. Or what is your favourite advert that has you sending missiles flying at the telly.


Ye gods! They have those toenail fungus medication ads in Australia, too! I swear, here in the States they have to air them right at dinner time....
Vest said…
Thank you Mercurie for your response to my post relating to the YELLOW TOENAIL FUNGI ADVERT.
Yes we do have heaps of USA origin claptrap adverts here,It's part of the deal we have with our free to air programns.
Foxtel gives us here in Sydney a large choice of re-runs.
Incidently, I read in a local tabloid recently that, an American tourist described his visit to Sydney Australia as like being in the twilight zone. Again thanks for your reply.
Vest said…
Martin. I wince when hearing mispronounced vowels, O in particular.
When I first set up camp in Aus, I searched in a fishing mag for that fish referred to as a Brim, without luck. I am now bi-lingual.
meika said…
insurance and super annuation adverts, etter than going to heaven

I know that the new face of AAMI gets paid 100 000 a year or for 3 or 4 days work and a promise not to do any other work.

she's works just like me
Vest said…
Meika. I suggest when Amey's Gig has expired, you with your natural ambience and pleasing countenance, should put your hand up for the job.
Have a pleasant day.
Vest said…
B S Firman.With regard to your reply to my comment on your post re Eddie M. We people of NSW are already inundated with sports injury affected dizzy polititions. They also infect the fed scenario too. But I will concede he would probably go unnoticed within Vic politics, but be advised keep him away from the education portfolio.
Vest said…
BSF. For you, I think there is a strong case here, for the three R's to be revisited.
Vest said…
BSF. I found your comment on this thread difficult to comprehend. Our panel of learned experts; myself-Fido-Puss and Cocky; have now concluded it mean't you objected to the 'JUST RIGHT" cereal advert. At the confusing beginning, we were led to believe that it was relevant to the Eddie M saga on your post, whom, nothing and no one person could strike me to be as confusing.
I suggest you put your hand up for the job of E M's speech writer, should Victorians become saddled with E M as a polly.

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