Other blogs have recently been inundated with misc crap relating to big ears and his horse, this is slightly different. Hopefully, as the pollies say this may keep you amused, especially some of you bone idle sods on the dole, lazing around, "Go on, Get your self a job". Anyhow i'll need an explanation from you, telling me why you had time to waste to enter the 'Limerick Competition' First Prize a self funded back packer holiday in Somalia. So here we go you Miltons Grays and Kiplings, remember, No dunny doggeral, like "One would think with all this wit etc" Remember, only five line limerick poems only, depicting the nuptials of Chas and Cam. Now get on with.


Anonymous said…
How about this you layabout bludgerygalahs, there has to be some sperm brain out there somewhere who can better this, cos secretly iv'e bin told, Somalia aint a good place for tender succulent back packers at dinner time. Here goes.

A big eared jockey called Charles
Had a Horse with flatulent bowels
He could never get started
Till the bloody Mare Farted
Then it shot to the front on the rails.
Anonymous said…
You must be relating to Camilla
A late starter but very good finisher
If Diana got wind
It never came out
So it looks like she's doin' it for her
Vest said…
Up to now Dave is leading the race, With dave & dumplings in the pot.
Anonymous said…
Charles never meant to harm her
But his boys prefer the farmer
He wanted to work it out
She was going to shout
He said I will be King
Get rid of this ring
Ive got a new thing
Ding aling ling
He spoke to his boys
About their toys
But of course
They laughed of course
Because they weren’t with the farmers horse
Vest said…
Timmy dear boy, I can only presume you are still at school, and do not pay attention, to your teacher, I distinctly stated FIVE LINES, not THIRTEEN, you are a silly ninny Timmy. I.'ll give you minus one out of ten ,for your poetic effort, but is there some cryptic message there I have failed to fathom out. Try again Timmykins, then if you win, you could become succulent roasted Long Pig, during your junior back packing holiday to New Zealand
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
There you go all in 5 lines as you requested i just thought it was easier to read the other way
Vest said…
Timmykins please do not clog this thread with undecypheral
Try five of the best or you will cop six of the best, smart alec. now off to bed, Good morning. 2 am
Anonymous said…
This blog should just be called Free Abuse
Vest said…
We have another comment from anonymous, a one line critic, who never say's much, co's she/he dont know nuffink. Please a/nongwit try some other blog, there will be others who will be pleased to be rid of you.
GOOD FRIDAY today, a day of reverance for some, moderate your language, no need for extreme obscenities
Anonymous said…
Gaggle with the Vest
You better do your best
As he wants your theme
Five lines and extreme
Lively but clean
Vest said…
Dear Timmy Dimmykins. The ill and unfit choice of words wonderfully obstructs the understanding.
Dave's limerick is leading ,to date.
Anonymous said…
I hope i dont win the competition as i cant afford to go to Somalia to be dinner for those fuzzies i hope that tim bloke wins, anyhow whats long pig?
My limerick is this.

Chas not showing remorse
Says i will wed Camilla by force
She may not become Queen
At Horseguards parade Scene
But run the grand national course
Vest said…
Please no more Comments on this post. Dave has agreed to send a donation to Starving Afro's In lieu of himself becoming dinner.

Post Closed.

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