Kiss a non Smoker and Taste the Difference.

What happened to the slogan Kiss a non smoker and taste the difference. Did some tobacco company buy the copyright and ban its publication? If so what about a new slogan!! remember the kids will have to see it too.
My partner and myself are non smokers and only experience this dreadful thing at pissy-arsed social gatherings.
What have you experienced when kissing a tobacco smoker? be careful now.
What are your thoughts on tobacco usage in general? like,Ban them, ration them or tax them into oblivion or wear a non smokers badge which states: "Blow that shit in my face and you will die you bastard".
Remember you dopey smokers, It will reduce your shagging days considerably and each fag an hour of your life.
Or should they be fitted with chimneys?


Anonymous said…
Hallo Mr Vest. I have been following you comment and have come to the conclusion that you are a well educated gentleman of possibly British parentage,
despite your humorous remarks-some a trifle near the bone, you sir would be a most desirable partner for me; a lady of quality.
It seems that you have a penchant for tippling, I too,like you last night got into the gin and vodka,and cruised the dance floor without results, its sad when you dont score anymore, any how I am getting tired and i'm off to bed i'll get back to you soon.xxxEthel.
Vest said…
Ethel dear: You must be extremely aged to be the owner of a name like Ethel, besides you are a drunk to boot. Not even another drunk would wish to be seen in your company; heading for a sordid mattress banging romp.
Ethel, my advice is, pop along to your local morticion for a quicky check up.
Non smoker or not Ethel; 'Be gone vile Hag'....Cor Blimey Im a Gent!!
Anonymous said…
Ived never smoked and i am 30..that smoking slogan... Kiss a non smoker and taste the differance, is great, lets all wear a badge saying so but not that rude one that you made up,and i think you are a nice man
Vest said…
And my family think so too Toukley Bob. Your 'Toukley Bob' title may suggest you could be a well known but infamous person touting around my patch. give my regards to Daring Desmond and Saucey Cedric.
Anonymous said…
I stopped smoking three months ago... I started when I was 12, I really feel good now and my clothes smell fresh...I have more money to spend on more sensiblle things, bye Vesty I think you are a Mr nice guy xxxx
Vest said…
Thank you Linda for your comment.You are hereby officially commended for your perseverance in getting rid of that filthy smoking habit and your determination to lead a more rewarding life. I hope more young people like your goodself will follow your example.
Anonymous said…
I am single because I could never find a Mr Right who did not smoke,non smokers were considered to be mamby pamby then. Also I would not wear the badge as it could encourage assault on ones person.
Anonymous said…
Love conquers all Patty, are you sure its not just your image? if not, you had better get moving. There are many sweet non smoking younger patties out there, waiting for a trip to the altar with Mr Right NS or Mr Smoker.
Anonymous said…
to purchase cigarettes the new law i would impose is that: all cigarette butts should be returned to any retailer in exchange for all cigarettes purchased. this would in turn create pandemonian among smokers, Butts put in the garbage would mean-smokers would search for discarded butts to make up the shortfall, thereby keeping our streets and public places free from filthy smokers leavings.
Also where would new smokers obtain cigarette butts.
Pass the word around - this could shortly become law- Butts- Fag ends then, will become collecter items.
Anonymous said…
I recently packed in my wimpy non smoker as he doesnt like smoky clubs, ive been with this hunk of a smoker for a week and his breath smells like shite Im now looking for a hunky non smoker Idont smoke either
natalie said…
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