Free accomodation and food on th central coast this christmas.

living with my son has become a nightmare. Christopher loves himself simply because he has this steadfast opinion he is always right, regardless. fortuneately I do have a functioning brain and I am fully aware of what is happening around me. my sons bad temper yelling and stamping and bangng doors is re emerging after a spate of hospital visits. Dare I ask for somthing I need for my well being; like a cup of tea or breakfast after a sojourn in my cell Onsuite overnight/ not without a tale of woe and a song and dance from the bloke who when most people meeting him for the first time are greeted with his business smile. I'll poke this in for good measure. Between the age of approx 21 until aged 47 mr perfect had SEVEN different partners living with him. he has lived with me for five years and the previous 15 years in the granny flat down stairs; with my wife and I providing meals and services. Being hard of hearing is my nightmare, I have a whistle,emergency button, a call button for my son in the house, spectacles and hearing aid headphones all hanging around my neck during most of the time. on top of this with the odd meal times plus the strange food when left to him to decide. When we have visitors all is peace and quiet and then the niceness emerges, it leaves me wondering how two nice helpful people could begat such a dissident person. So any person friend or family who visit will not experience any of this peculier activity , all will be peace and quiet, we will have plenty of the necesarry food and drink and you may leave at any time or stay over. hope to hear from you soon. Grand Pa Les,


I am so sorry to read this - and hope that you get visitors to lighten your load.
Lee said…
A saying in our home when I was growing up was..."Outside angel...inside devil".

It is so wrong...when people act that way. It is time for them to take a good look at themselves in the some soul-searching.

Take good care, Vest...My very best wishes to you for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. keep smiling, my friend. :)

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