LOWES .Or should their trading name be SLOWES

I am back on deck once again after another stint in my local body repairing establishment. I have sent packing to St vinnies the tired clothing stuffing up my wardrobe,; and have bought new stuff . My most recent order on line was for four tops to replace the old rags. This order was finalised last Monday from a shop in the local shopping complex, and will I have been informed; reach me by next Tuesday, after a week in transit. thinking that it only takes 12 minutes to get to the shop in my electric buggy; or three mins in a car or one day by a legless blind person1 what the blazes are they using for their trasportation. 'Lowes' should tack on a large S in front of their trading name.


I am very glad you are back on deck.
And sadly unsurprised at the slow delivery times. It isn't just Lowes.
Anonymous said…
Iv'e been thinking about postal delivery or click and collect with our ongoing lockdown. You gave me a laugh Les. Thanks.
Lee said…
G'day Vest...I prefer the convenience of online shopping...for items I can't buy up here where I live. I purchase all my clothing items via online. I'm never in such a hurry I need anything immediately, so a few days before deliver doesn't worry me...and I love "delivery to my door" without the necessity of having to drive down to the Gold Coast to get what I want. I hate the hustle, bustle and hassle of city crowds and large shopping centres.

Glad to hear you doing well..keep up the good work. :)

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