I have returned from my local hospital.

After Eight days of incarceration in a hospital bed without excersize except for those of visits to the toilet on wobbly legs and one nurse assisted, it is of little wonder I am back to square one with my mobility, Other horror occasios the recent Tuesday and Wednesday nights around 2AM freezing near naked in the toiet waiting for the nurse, those two occsions of misery approx 45 minutes.the first and the next at least 30 mins. This visit was intended to be similar to previous times, for a pump out job on the nether regions wherein excess Urine seeps. The previous occasion - the 4th I was in and out within one day, and all was well, and despite the hospital having all the details; the appointed Doctor whose name I cannot pronounce and brain I cannot believe has this song and dance tune on LP called "tomorrow I want to see you" on the flip side reads-a song, Its called "Paying off The MERC"." Having listened to his last lot of twaddle, I although weakened from my stay managed to escape but have lost my best reading glasses, the sorry details,will have to wait. in the meatime I am expected to carry an extra 2 litres plus liquid around of overflow; when the bladder only holds 500 ml. Try hanging that amount in a plastic bottle around your waist. I must end here at this point having condensed the problems; due to to feeling fuzzy and tired, I must rest. ......back later VEST DAILY GAGGLE.COM the first and the next at least 30 mins


Vest said…
I did not shower for the Eight days in the hospitals, then only on returning home and removing the ECG stickers
I am very glad you are home again - and hope you can avoid hospitals for a while. A necessary evil they are.
Anonymous said…
That's not great. I hope at least some of your problems disappear and as EC says, good to be home.
Lee said…
Home again...what a relief for you. There is no place like home...how true the saying is. All the very best to you, Les...I hope all goes well for you....best wishes. :)
Zeke said…
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