Dinner at Halekulani Bowling Club

I had a rump steak dinner with my son Chris at Halekulani Bowling Club in Budgewoi last night using our $25 Dine NSW Vouchers.


I hope your dinner was excellent.
Anonymous said…
Good to know you are getting out for a freebie. I had to sound out the name Halekulani.
Vest said…
E C. A 375g charcoal rump steak with veggies and mushroom sauce Aus $27-00. scrumptious!
Vest said…
Andrew. Halekulani A small hardly noticeable area near Budgewoi NSW. the club is of high quality throughout and close to the waterfront. A quality area to say the least.
Today I walked unaided through the house with a bit of furniture surfing to assist.
Hello Les. Hope to follow your example. Another lockdown lifts today. Hope to go to a pub and have a meal, anything will be better than my cooking and being housebound for over a year. The furthest I have been is eight miles.
I just hope you had an excellent dinner. Love your posts by the way.

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