Finally Able to Visit My Wife's Grave Again

I visited my wife Rose with my son Chris and fresh roses yesterday. I haven't visited for many months because I couldn't walk the distance across the cemetery. However, Chris got me a small mobility scooter that folds up and fits in the back of our station wagon last week. So no longer an issue. I could even follow him around while he did the shopping yesterday.


I am thrilled that you can get out and about again - and on such an important errand too.
Love the racer's crouch in the final photo...
Anonymous said…
Oh wow Les, you are such a trooper, an absolute legend. Awesome that you are back on the net and out and about. Just watch the corners and the speed humps, take care, love from Sue xx
Lee said…
Oh, wonderful to hear from you. I've kept poking my head in, in the hope...and you are! :)

How great it is for you to be able to get around.

Take good care....and no hear? :)
DEBBIE said…
Ah that's fantastic news Uncle Les, l am so pleased for you. It must be a lovely feeling to get out and about again, especially going to see your much loved Rose.
All pretty much the same here, awaiting news from bonkers Boris today, hope he doesn't make things worse yet again!
Dad is pretty much the same, struggling but getting by, l will be so glad when we can visit him again.
I am off to the fracture clinic at QA very shortly to get my ankle checked, hopefully will be discharged too. Still unable to walk properly and in some pain, but time will heal me 🤞
Anyway, you take good care of yourself and enjoy your new found freedom
Lots of love
Deb xxx
Andrew B said…

We will come back up soon
Jane Stokes- Honour said…
Lots of love xxxxxx
Vest said…
Thank you Everyone for your kind messages. Although I am beset with multiple bodily problems I struggle through somehow with organised assistance provided to me from Vet Affairs and Govt organisations, plus my three healthy pensions. However, the physical dilemma remains in the form of swollen limbs plus Kidney; Liver and mobility, but most annoying are being restricted on the keyboard with my fingers cramping and my bodily engine seems to lose power all too quickly, I rarely sleep more than three hours at a time but spend more time in or on my bed than what may be normal.
I have a little pain at this moment due to the f(#%@(! blessed new thing on wheels tipping completely over when hitting a hole hidden by the neatly cut grass at the cemetery, more on this later; maybe.
Minnie was the cause of me writing this time of the day; bang on the Witching hour Midnight she called in for a cuddle - which has kept me awake since.
This message has been written by my left hand in the main; due to my writing paw on my right arm being asleep next to Minnie our mog, but one digit typing at its slowest- I suppose if all fails, the least employed parts of our bodies are the toes could be trialled. Back again soon, hopefully.
Anonymous said…
You are such a strong person, I cannot imagine going through half of what you've been through health wise nor do I want to! Ah, Minnie, you are such a gorgeous gal and a wonderful time keeper. I went back off to sleep again at roughly that time this morning, it was quite light with the moonlight shining on the new colourbond fence. Mmm, those traps are a disaster at best, carefully managed by hidden remnants of nature. Glad you are on the mend from that pitfall. Well, it's a lovely sunny start to a working Friday morning, I enjoyed yesterday off minding the grandchildren in the afternoon after school plus the oldest in the morning. A bonus was that I passed my eye test for my drivers licence! Ah, the wonders of old age coming on!
Vest said…
Have you noticed that the new metric Dozen when it applies to Flowers seems to have been reduced to Ten from that of the imperial twelve?

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