I have been at home for several days

After clashing with wrong diagnosis -hospital food sleepless nights bed sores and hospital bed cramps and more I decided to discharge myself after 13 days. This was after discovering the main cause was liver disfunction not kidney or prostate. I am now receiving far better care in my own home, local doc and specialist visits, showering,community nurse, vet affairs, plus other 'do good orgs' and sleeping in my Q size bed with minnie my puss on occasions to keep me company she is sitting at feet as I write. I am sort of mobile but get puffed out too soon; although Chris my son took me out in our car for a change and had "fish and chips'at the local greasy spoon in Budgewoi and shopped at Aldi- I had to stay in the car. most of my time is spent being horizontal; watching TV becomes uncomforable so an expensive all positions chair thingy is being considered and the sooner the better. I do miss writing to you all and love you all, I shall try to get back soon. Vest DAILY GAGGLE.com


Anonymous said…
Good to hear from you Les. You just have to do what you can when you can. An electric chair sounds great.
Echoing Andrew: it is great to hear from you.
My mother had one of those electric chairs and she found it wonderful.
Jane Stokes- Honour said…
Lots of Love Jane.XXXXX
Debbie said…
Hi Uncle Les, l am so pleased to hear you are at home now. You have been in my thoughts many times and l can imagine how you must feel so much better now you are at home. There is very little rest or comfort in hospital is there and as for hospital food, don't get me started on that subject! The chair sounds like a very good idea, it's not nice being stuck in bed all the time is it.
I too, unfortunately have been in hospital. I had a fall in the garden 4 weeks ago and broke my ankle in 3 places, also dislocated it too!!! I had it straightened, then surgery 4 days later. So l am on complete rest for at least 6 weeks ☹️ l am normally the sort of person who can't sit around for long, so it's driving me mad, plus l can't sleep as l am so uncomfortable, l lay awake most nights. I was in plaster for 2 weeks and now have a knee high boot, but it is just as heavy as the cast, which is just about bearable during the day, but night time is awful.
Glad you are getting support at home and l am sure Chris is a Godsend to you.
Take care, sending love and hugs to you all xx
Dylan said…
I'm happy that you feel more comfortable and are still able to get the support you need while at home.

Perhaps a small laptop could assist you in writing while being restricted to being horizontal?

Take care.
Elsie Hanlin. said…
I had no idea you had been in hospital and having such a yuk time there too. Fancy them not knowing what was wrong. Glad you are home and getting better care.
Debby said…
Thank you for touching base. I am glad to hear that you are out of the hospital.
Lee said…
It's wonderful to hear from you, Vest...I should call you "Les", I suppose...but some old habits are hard to break. :)

I have been wondering how you were getting on...and reading this post lightened my heart and made me smile. I'm glad you are home once again, around familiar things...and with your beloved Minnie at your side, and at your feet.

Keep taking good care, my friend...you have lots of caring mates here in Blogland. :)
Christine said…
Hi Uncle Les sorry for not commenting sooner 😐 no excuses I’m afraid just lazy. I’m pleased to hear that you’re home from hospital, it’s not a very nice place to be in the long term is it. As they say there’s no place like home 🏠 you must be much more comfortable.
I’m also pleased to hear that you have plenty of support and care, I know that Chris will be looking after you well, are you still managing to cook? I know you’ve always prided yourself on the meals you cook, all your vegetables, at least you’ve always looked after yourself.
I am sorry though to hear that you have so many health issues, it must be difficult and frustrating for you. You’ve always led such an active life. Sending lots of love to you and hoping with all my heart that you will soon be feeling much better. Love you lots xoxo
Hi Uncle Les.
So pleased you are back home again, must be a nice feeling?
We all wish you well and wish you a speedy recovery?
Myself and Salina are well, getting fed up with this never ending Corona Virus?
What's so frustrating is that know one seems to know how long this is going on for or when it's going to end?
Stay Safe and give our love to everyone?
Love From
Nigel Salina and Kirstie xx
khushisinha said…
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Delhi Escorts said…
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