XCIV Today

Yes I still have the Key of the door but never been Ninety Four before. My absenteeism from blogging is all due to multiple health problems which creates a lazy attitude. Had problems sleeping last night; tummy rumbles, took one of the Docs pills, now I have to wait an hour before food and the results can be alarming, needless to say there will be no imbibing celebrating activity today- a visit to the Doc and pharmacy and the weekly shopping accompanied by my son Chris, Hoping the day goes well. It is now time for my Breafast. Love you all.


Rebekah said…
Happy Birthday, Hope you feel better soon,
Dylan said…
Congratulations on the progressive milestone!

Here's hoping your day goes pleasantly.
River said…
Happy Birthday. not even a tiny spoonful of cake?
Dylan B. said…
I hope your day is going well today Granddad.

3 weeks ago today, my wife and I had our first child.

His name is Ari Andrew Bowyer. And I've attached a picture of him for you.

Take care.
Anonymous said…
A very happy birthday to you LB and I hope at least the weather is nice for you.
Andrew B said…
Happy birthday dad
I'll call you this afternoon
A very, very Happy Birthday to you. I hope you are feeling MUCH better this afternoon.
Edward Jones. said…

Good Morning Les. It must be hard to be 94. I am finding it hard at 86. Had a quick tour around my garden and it does look good this morning. been rain overnight and the flowers always look good when they are covered in rain. We don't hear much about Aus in relation to the Virus. I am going shopping on my own and yesterday had my first haircut in14 weeks. It was reverting back to when I was young and was getting curly. That's all my news because at the moment all I can tell you I have been watching tele and youtube. Made contact with ex watts boy a couple of months ago. he was in Sturdee and no was 204. he was there the same time as me 1945 1949. Best wishes and happy birthday. Edward Jones 183 watts 45 49.
On Thursday, 16 July 2020, 00:23:15 BST, Les Bowyer wrote:
Hello Uncle Les. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and hope you have a lovely day, lots of love
From Nigel Salina and Kirstie.xxx.
Debbie. said…
Sending you virtual hugs and Happy Birthday wishes Uncle Les, l hope however you spend your day, you manage to enjoy it.
We are still in complete lockdown here due to John's health issues and l miss the family so much, thank goodness we have mobile phones that we can not only talk to others but see them too. I expect you will be receiving plenty of calls and cards today from your lovely family and Chris will make the day special for you.
No real news to tell you as nobody is able to do much at all. Our two eldest grandchildren George and Tia are 18 now and hoping to be driving in the not too distant future. Daisy will be 17 in a couple of weeks and is longing to drive too. The twins, Grace and Jessica are now 9, Archie is 7 and Poppy almost 5, time seems to fly by so quickly!
Dad is as well as can be expected, l hate not being able to visit him still 😕
Anyway, you take good care of yourself and enjoy your day
With love from
Deb 🎂🎉🎈🎁💐 xxx
Jane Stokes- Honour said…
Happy birthday to you. With lots of love xxxxxxxx
T Bowyer said…
Happy Birthday Dad xoxo
Vest said…
I would like to thank all of you nice people who sent birthday wishes, and also those who used my son's Facebook pages.
Yesterday's trip out was nothing unusual except for the biting cold wind and rain, and the usual trip to Coles and Aldi for the shopping and the Post office in Budgewoi to collect the PO Box mail, although I avoided cooking yesterday I was not too excited by the feed of KFC instead. And for those in The UK enjoying a nice summers day; my birthday coincides with our Midwinter in NSW OZ. Although there were a few nutters seen wearing a minimal dress like shots and singlet, I was dressed in four layers covering minimal blubber and now only weighing in at 78 kilos. Today's weather is similar to that of yesterday with the promise of more rain. meaning I shall remain indoors and seek all the comforts available. Again thank you for your birthday wishes.
Unknown said…
Hello, I’m trying to track down a relative of Abdul Karin bin Anang, Survey Office JB Johore. I have a beautiful letter he wrote to my grandmother before her son died on the death march to Ranau, Sandakan. It’s such a beautifully written letter about my uncle, whom I never knew, I’d love to share it with his family.
Stay well!
Kind regards
Cate Wikner, Summer Hill NSW
email catewikner@gmail.com

PS we share a birthday, bizarrely!
Vest said…
Cate. I have emailed information on Abdul Karim bin Anang, together with photos, I hope your birthday went well.
Lee said…
I'm running late, I know...but it is never too late to pass on good wishes...best wishes.

Happy birthday, Vest...keep taking good care of yourself. Keep smiling...Hopefully, smiles will become contagious...and the whole world will smile with you! :)

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