Today in History Tokyo Bay.

  August 27, 1945, 73 years ago today The Battle Ships USS MISSOURI, HMS KING GEORGE V,& HMS DUKE OF YORK, enter TOKYO Harbour.

As a nineteen-year-old at that time, I felt some  emotion as my Ship The HMS  KG V  & Vice Admiral Bernard Rawlings had served the full two terms during the past conflict and followed the HMS  Duke Of York into Tokyo harbour which had not fired an angry shot and was newly arrived with a more senior admiral - Admiral Bruce Fraser ( Affectionally Known as The Station-master of the Fleet Train (Logistic vessells)  Who served his time in a Sydney office while the crew of  HMS  Duke of York enjoyed the Joys of Sydney
Unfortunately, there was a great deal of disrespect shown in many ways toward this Rank pulling by Admiral Frazer and the smell never went away, letters from men of the British Pacific Fleet vilified him but there was never an apology from  Admiral Frazer.

  Vest Daily Gaggle.
 Some Smells last forever.


Sigh. Rank pulling DOES smell. And that smell lingers.
Sharon said…
That's a bad smell, alright.
Sue Bowyer said…
That's an interesting read Les. I wonder why he wasn't respected.

Greg and I are going to Japan in April next year and among other destinations there, we will be visiting Tokyo. We are doing a land and sea tour with one day visiting Busan in South Korea.

Vest said…
EC. Sharon. & Sue. The reason for the discontent. was simply that the KGV was deprived of the privilege of entering Tokyo harbour before the Duke of York Which had taken no part in the conflict. Petty as it may seem to others, but to those like myself and others who did the hard yards and put their lives on the line it was a matter of losing earned privilege.
Lee said…
You and your mates who did the hard yards, far as I am concerned, will always be admired and respected...and not forgotten for the many, many sacrifices you all made.
Vest said…
Lee. I had served on the KGV nearly two and a half years by the time the war ended and I had reached the grand old age of 19 years and one month and the media had lots to say about Hitlers youth. but somehow missed the young boys of the Brit Royal Navy.. thanks for calling.
Vest said…
Sue, I have been to Japan several times since sept 1945. I have visited several ports in Japan
and on one occasion stayed overnight at the Japanese Officers Naval academy at Eta Jima... But had to go through the green tea ceremony and a session of Assai Beer and other strange local plonk.
Busan in Sth Korea I am sure was once spelt Pusan back during the time of my time during the war in Korea. Mind you the six months up in Korea was a doddle where I was concerned compared to that of the war in the Pacific.
messymimi said…
Reminds me of the government people here who show up for picture taking time but leave when the work is being done.

Thank you for your service, you did earn being first.
Vest said…
Messymimi.The red and blue political medicines are applicable to most government bodies.T
The red medicine is distilled from the bark from the bottom of the Etihsllub tree at the heart of summer.
The blue medicine is distilled from the bark of the Bullshite tree( Same tree different title.) during Mid Winter. There is little difference in these medicines.
The Red medicine will skin you from the earholes down and the Blue Medicines from the Toenails up.

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