Title  " Piddled Off"
      It was late October 16 when it was recommended  I have my bladder checked. early November. I saw the Specialist in Kanwal NSW , He recommended a three day urine specimen test a blood test and a CT Scan, it was also noted that my hospital appointment would be shortly before or after Christmas .
       My urine looked quite normal during these tests together with the blood test on Wednesday Nov 16,
      On November 29 I had the CT Scan once with dye and another without dye.. I was told to keep the film and produce it when needed at possible surgery .or appointments.. On 1st December my urine became darker for two days then cleared to normal but on the 5th of December my urine became bloody and my passing urine was becoming painful..
      Tuesday 6th Dec after enough worry my son drove me to Gosford hospital where several tests were carried out, at 3 am left the hospital the results of these tests were to be sent to my family doctor in Budgewoi but at the time writing they have yet to arrive. I was told at the hospital not to contact the Specialist after asking.
      On the Friday 9 the Dec until mid Sat10th  I became increasingly nauseous and giddy and my urine a dark colour and for a while I was shivering and feeling quite giddy and urine hard to pass.
      In the past 28 hours I have felt easier my urine light but cloudy, and I feel generally more composed to normal activity. My leaking is diminished some what but some pain persists.



I do hope the improvement continues. And that your doctor gets the test results. Quickly.
Anonymous said…
Connecting the two posts, your treatment is of great concern. I suppose this will come out in full in respected medical media.
Granny Annie said…
Glad to hear from you. We have all been worried. Sounds like your are on a real roller coaster and hope the final verdict will be a good one.

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