I am back and glad so.+ a letter to relatives

My jaunt to the land of hope and glory didn't quite cut the mustard as did previous times, Maybe it was our age factor and less interest by those we visited. To be truthful the best efforts to make our stay pleasing were shared equally by relatives residing in Benson Havant and Dover.
To give and not to count the cost may be an old parable but adding up the amount of time through the ages when relatives have stayed with my family on their overseas visits to us is at least three times greater than we have prevailed upon them. Admittedly some relatives in the UK are reluctant to travel the long distance or are scared of flying despite offers to pay 50% of their fare .
The other factor which delivered a constant flow of anxiety came from the anti social antics and garrulity of our prodigal son who failed in his role of  both driver and assistant; (It is better we leave the details unspoken) Better still unprinted. More details can be obtained on request. So far I have not heard a "I told you so" from my eldest regarding our prodigal son.
A day visit to to my friend Edward who lives in Stowmarket was a success, Edward attended the same nautical school as I in Norfolk many years ago. I also met up with a school mate in Chalgrove Oxford shire Ken Batley OBE Ex magistrate, Ken my age and I attended Chalgrove primary in 1931 and were great mates for many years.
In the wash up I would like to thank all of those persons we prevailed upon and their efforts to please
us despite a few problems.
In the past three days since arriving home to Australia , the peace and tranquillity and restful sleep
aura has been overwhelming,. to all of our Relatives and friends overseas you are welcome to visit us and experience our alternative lifestyle and its benefits. Imagination is the highest kite one can fly..

Vest AKA Les B..... Back soon.


Welcome home. I hope the tranquility continues.
Vest said…
Thankyou E C.YOu are a Gem.
Davoh. said…

Will attempt a suitable "witty" reply - about "sons"; old friend .... but don't hold yer breath.
(am slightly (somewhat?) distracted by "ye Olde biker" journeys and 'imaginations').

Some of the practicalities are seriously scary - but have yet to bend the bike - or myself.

Cheers and Best Wishes,
The sad thing is does Tim know he is so annoying and out of touch with normality, I doubt it. So what do you do accept him on face value or have him permanently stifled or avoided at all costs or be given medication to resolve his annoying antisocial habits?
Vest said…
Prodigal son behaved sort of rationally during several visits to his Mater and Pater Um! prior to the excursion to merry England. It was not until the Harangue with the Heathrow Airport employee regarding the lack of an aged transport facility. Which reached crisis point; that, I realised I was in for a rough trot for the remainder of the trip, although it settled down during the final fortnight.
Haven't heard a whisper in the past week.
BTW,Try using your name, at least I shall then know who you are.If you do not wish your name to appear on request then I will delete it. and replace with an ANON.
Christine. said…
Hi Uncle Les,
Just to say to you and Auntie Rose that it was a pleasure to see you and to have you staying with us last month, I wish I had known sooner exactly when you were coming and I would have been able to arrange to take some time off work so that you could have stayed with me for longer.
I know your visit was marred due to the problems with Tim but I speak for myself and for Dad and my immediate family when I say that for everybody's sake we go with the flow where Tim is concerned. There's nothing to be gained by being any other way and we would not have wished to cause further upset.
I believe Dad had a calming effect on Tim and we both agreed that if Tim has something to occupy him he's not so disruptive.
I'm glad you arrived home safely, I knew you were back home because Tim posted it on Facebook, you must have been relieved to get in and start getting back to normal.
I hope you and Auntie Rose are OK, I really do think the world of you both and always feel sad when you return home, I enjoy speaking to Chris on Skype too, I think we get on well, it's nice that he's at home with you, give him my love and I'll try to Skype him again soon.
We haven't had a minute to ourselves just recently, Nigel was with us for a couple of days last week and Dad came for a few days over the week-end, he returned home Monday, he said his house is very quiet now ha ha. He does enjoy the company though, he doesn't get many visitors and gets lonely at times, luckily he keeps well apart from the odd cold and is able to get out and about.
Chris won't say "I told you so" because he told me he didn't want to be right about Tim, he wanted Tim to prove him wrong, but that's anther story.
Look after yourselves won't you, I believe Auntie Rose is to have a cataract removed soon, Mum had both hers done years ago and she said it was wonderful the difference it made, everything was so much brighter.
Love to you and to everyone,

Chris xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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