Yes I am still here. Post 1297.

     I have been a trifle lax in posting lately due to a more complex lifestyle being thrust upon myself and others in our home.
Gardening is now nearly non existent and the forty bucks spent on a four weekly call for mowing 560 sq metres of lawn ; er grass & weeds is good news for my back pain( Anyhow ; I wonder how many 89 year olds mow their lawns.).    
     My early morning read, the Daily Telegraph, has the usual last ten pages or more and the centre pages stuffed with Thugby League Bilge and Crap. Recently all of the blue NSW thingy splattering my daily read came to a soul shattering end when the Maroons from Joe bonkers banana land alias the land of the great ugly cane toad land and the NSW  mob of bone crunchers clashed yesterday for an hour and a half,  the result being 11 and 10, The local bunch of overweight ugly tattooed mutton heads are saying the refs favoured the ugly cane toads, for their loss, Most of these gormless footy guys their facial grimaces displayed in the sport section would make a child's vision of the closet monster seem like the tooth fairy in comparison..
And to add to the sporting filth we have the apparently squeaky clean  round ball soccer guys FIFA scamming the World Cup of millions of Euros. More to come on that issue..
     Today I shall be popping out to acquire a hearing aid, After I collect my lotto winnings, plus a bit of shopping with er indoors and a visit to the RTA  to acquire a Int Driving Permit As I shall be the emergency driver of the hired vehicle to be driven by our reformed ex prodigal son whilst on our proposed visit to the land of hope and glory as soon as no 5 sons passport arrives from the UK
we expect to depart mid to late July 15. providing we are fit to travel
All for now Back soon .... Vest.


Lotto winnings? Nice to hear.
Have fun while you are away. And relax as much as you can until you leave.
Anonymous said…
No 5 is live :)
oz lotto results said…
I wonder, what was the lottery that you won. I've been playing for a while and haven't yet won much.
Vest said…
Back in 2001 I won $13-856-00
On numbers 5 10 12 14 16 & sup 23. two lines of five and sup and if the sup had been in the first six I would not be talking to you from this address today. thank you for reminding me.
BTW I won $49-60; four lines on the lowest div last night . big deal.

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