Another trip in the ambulance.

My tinnitus problem, a legacy from the gunnery years whilst with His and Her Majesties Royal Navy;Jan 42 To Jul 66 has been a constant irritant. so it seems  and it is never going away.. Yesterday an extension to the problem occurred after a  build up of dizziness and a feeling of nausea,  this phenomenon was described  as Vertigo ( like LSD or - Being on another planet). a feeling of being out of control.  Having settled down and being given all the treatment known to allay these symptoms  I returned home late last night. I have this medication to prevent the problem  but I have yet  to take any. However, I do feel much much better than yesterday and shall wait and see how matters progress.The seven hour stay in the Triage Section of the emergency dept  was amusing to follow the antics of some of the other arrivals, one drunken  unkempt unshaven blood splattered garrulous neanderthal approached the bed where I was laying, mumbling incoherently the said goon  was told  by my good self  in terms unmentionable that my  pee bottle was about to be  tipped on his head , walked back to where he had been sitting picked up his bag and left the hospital, the matter did not go un noticed, however, nothing was said about the incident.
Feeling OK at this moment,

Back soon ...Vest.


Hope you continue to feel better - and can stop building up the 'frequent flyer' miles in the ambulance.
Elsie. said…
I have tinnitus too, from noisy factory work, aggravated by playing music loudly through headphones. I've recently begun to experience tiny episodes of dizziness, just a bit of light headed "swimminess" maybe a few times a week, gone as soon as I notice it. I'd forgotten that tinnitus can cause this.

Edward Jones. said…
Morning Les, sorry to hear of your troubles. Received your card Saturday, Postman liked the note poshend. Just to please you its 10am and its still minus 3. A friend bought me one of the Tower of London Poppies as a christmas present. I was quite overcome when i opened it, it sits in the the garden with the sun shining on it.
It was a very nice thought. It was A Lift up your Hearts moment. Wishing you and Rosemary a Happy New Year. Edward Jones Watts 183 45 49
Vest said…
Thank you E C, Elsie and Ed Jones For your comments. With my medication I am feeling much Improved.

Info, E Jones was a student at the same Naval Preparatory School I attended, I between 36-42, Ed between 45-49, we have never met, yet.

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