The recent 'Cricket Saga' reviewed. plus Bowling Loonies.

      Well for starters the 'Best Team' in the competition lost to a constantly chopping and  changing team of  failures. The Australian side without David Warner were a team of wankers suffering from pontingitus.
"Well done Sri Lanka" You beat the Oz team four games to two  and still lost the  series;" doesn't make sense to most intelligent people, mind you the Aussies always have some form of skulduggery at hand  to twist the game in their favour and save face, can't have any more Kim Hughes Crying when losing saga's, or Bob Hawk spewing in his beer when crying "You are not allowed to beat Strayer, it just aint dinkum".

    It makes me wonder how some of crickets renowned bowlers live their lives off  the playing field, although it is a known fact that one Australian nasty specimen has a record of domestic failure, the unnecessary antics  of these blokes would allow a trickcycalist to rapidly analyse the mentality traits of these loonies, and it goes without saying the average spectator with half a brain attending these unproductive gatherings would be fearful of crossing swords with a person who suddenly blessed with success at the the downfall of an opponent, displays his inner feeling with an on field  grotesque display of his contorted face with grinding teeth, bulging eyes and veins at bursting point while crouching and punching the air with clenched fists.
     Gone are the days of the normally adjusted cricket player when the success of a bowler was greeted by a statement from his captain, "Well played Sir."

Q;Will this type of behaviour impact on our growing generation, by encouraging violence, bullying and dissension towards authority? I personally believe it will. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Q: Who are the two West Indies cricketers mentioned in the 1950's cricket song "Cricket Lovely Cricket?

Remember. In order to be 'Walked on' , you must be lying down.

Back soon ....Vest. Aus Cit.


Doctor Who. said…
Aggro is a Man thing.

A single gene maybe responsible for making men more aggressive than women.
It is believed the sex determining region Y (SRY) Gene,which is found on the Y chromosome in males, may promote aggression as well as other behavioural trats, traditionally associated with masculinity, such as 'fight or flight' responses to stress.
Gordon. said…
I agree with you mr vest those bowling guys are not normal. They are Uncool.
Ron the batter. said…
Vesty you old fart its called being boisterous and sportsmanship -its the done thing these days.
Vest said…
Hello Ron the Batter;
Presumably you are what the English call a batsman. We English people also use extras not sundries and ten for one wicket not the other way around.Ron I realise you are different from the norm you are probably a wife basher and glassing champ sorry chump. Ron your gaining pleasure from violence would seem that you are mentally retarded. Get Well soon.
BTW, less of the old fart, Dickhead.
WALLY. said…
How to win friends and influence people
Ron the batter said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Sorry Ron. This blog does not encourage your kind of chatter.
goodbye and thanks for calling
BTW, (-X-). your comment deleted.
frog said…
I dunno the cricket game or how its played,,,dont make sense to me. do guys get paid for doing what they do.
Vest said…
Frog: even English people are confused regarding the rules which chop and change each day.
occasionally the game is held up for a few minutes to check a point of law. this info is found within the pages of the cricket bible called 'Wisden' but don't get it confused with wisdom.
Gordon. said…
Their names appear within this link.
c&p in Google.

Sonny Ramadhin and Alf Valentine.

but i never heard of them.
Rosemary said…
All cricket players should be boiled in least.or what say you?

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