The Sydney Daily Telegraph Stuffs Up Again. Bonehead Cricket writers this time

Here is the safe bet for the week, Were English cricketers cheating? Daily Telegraph July 14 (Bastard day-sorry Bastille Day) Vote here. An evens bet would double your dosh, Of course a bunch of one eyed morons suffering from a bout of sour grapes would scream yes, then I was surprised to note the "No" vote also proved that not every cricket follower was as biased as the majority.
In my opinion the the most dramatic part of the first test at Cardiff where the pitch resembled a Cow paddock, was the final hour.
The look of utter confidence within the OZ team when the wickets tumbled and the final pair of Pommy no hopers in the batting sense were faced with the daunting task of saving the game.
With sixty six balls to be bowled, the final pair did the unthinkable and batted for fifty minutes and saved the game, both not out at the end, maybe the result was due to the piss poor pedestrian bowling by the gaily prancing-cuddling over confident arrogant attitude of the team administered by their ball scratching scruffy unshaven nose picking gum chewing leader from Tasmania, Who obviously had the wrong head removed in his early years.
The list of dirty tricks used in the game of cricket is well known by most cricketers.The best trick is not getting found out, The list extends much further than the list the Daily Telegraph supplied.
However, this noble game was invented by the Poms (English) going back a fair bit - in a paddock in Hambledon Hampshire(Where a Wasp nest resided near the Style last time I went there) The game is not an even playing field, the toss of a coin gives the winner an unfair advantage to start with, and the game ends after a heap of controversy bitching and nail biting.
I'll finish by saying Ricky Ponting you may be a good exponent in the art of the game, but your 'Nit picking' and anti social appearance leaves much to be desired, Have you tried using soap?

This will be my last post for a while, my time will be taken up by a writing project over the next two or three weeks,if time allows I shall call to comment.
Have a thoughtful day, Vest.

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Fred Somerville, VIC. said…
REF to Ponting. His once a drunkard reputation and boyish face has been transformed into a petulant "Its not fair we are Aussies and we must win regardless" attitude.
Quite right about his crabby appearance, hardly sets an example for the others in the team.

I thought Lee was a bad example for displays of hate and anger but that new guy Peter Siddle's raging display took the biscuit, that bloke very nearly burst a blood vessel plus he clearly needs anger management therapy. Girls never marry a fast bowler, the aussie ones end up as wife beaters.
lower deck lawyer. said…
The cricket game torments me beyond belief. Mike.
Kim Park said…
Crickit is silly game for white guys
Frog said…
I know nothing about cricket- i'd give it a go - must be something in it amusing.
Yeah kim park I see where your coming from - your too muchee yeller to play tough whiteys game
gordon said…
Ponting supplies the chewy when required to stick on the rough side of the balls to make them swing but only white ones
maria duff said…
my dad who is Italian sez they wear boxes to put them in when they are playing, dun make sense to me.
Kate...fb. said…
Hey Vesty, you told me once that lady cricketers wear boxes too remember, luvs ya kate,xxx.
Vest said…
Kate and Maria: Cricket boxes as I have explained before are worn by male cricketers to protect their testimomials when batting or keeping wicket.
Large lady cricketers have been known to use cricket boxes around their nether region in order to prevent the ball becoming lost.
Edward Jones said…
Hello Vest
Have been looking forward to your comment on the Test match, what a great result for England, must admit I look at Ricky Ponting in a new light after reading your comments. I Hope we catch them on a really spitful wicket at lords, they will really whinge then, Harminson might be back, bet Ricky remembers batting against him at lords 2005.
Edward Jones Watts 183 45/49
Vest said…
Edward: Thanks for the comment. It is nice to hear from old school students, although I left WATTS three years before you arrived.
I am also in touch with the grandson of sup/Campbell, now widely known as 'Flogger Campbell'
His name is also Edward and his mother was one of the twin daughters of his mother Mrs Campbell.
Oddly, Edwards Gran and Mum are buried in the local churchyard at Berick Salome, just 3 miles as the crow flies from where I enjoyed living at Chalgrove as a happy little child before going to dreadful Watts Naval Training School. Thanks Eddie for calling.
Have a thoughtful day.
Keshi said…
u in UK? but why in a gloomy place? :)

Vest said…
Keshi: Not as such if you think back.
Refers to to cricket being played there.
Nice to know your noble and greatly adnmired frightfully honest Sri Lankan team are wiping the ass off the 'ball tampering cheating Pakistani's.X.
Keshi said…
omg u Cricket maniac lol!


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