PETA "People Eating Tasty Animals.

Fishy odour as PETA lures hapless donors

THE stereotype of the harmless British eccentric, dressed, perhaps, in ill-fitting knitted clothing of his own design, was once a staple of comedy.

It’s a pity that today’s eccentrics are not as benign.

Take the nauseating international lobbying groups such as Greenpeace and more recently, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, which calculatingly target those in whose veins flows the milk of human kindness - and then siphon off as much of that milk as possible before the hapless donors discover they have been hit by professional leeches.

There is little Greenpeace will not do to raise funds from people whose only flaw is that they cannot comprehend that an organisation which boasts its good intentions would actually fabricate untruths and falsify evidence to bolster its extremist environmental campaigns.

It has been serially caught out with its fraudulent claims that certain industries have released dioxins, notably the Nu-Farm fertiliser company in Victoria, but linking the words “green” and “peace” triggers such surges of empathy among some, that they are blind to the global pressure group’s flaws.

PETA stepped in where Greenpeace stepped off, directing its campaigns at young women, particularly, who hoped to make their mark in the worlds of acting and modelling.

Few ploys are guaranteed to gain as much attention as naked young women, and despite PETA’s anti-fur demonstrations being little more than a blatant appeal to sexism, the feminist lobby was as silent about the unclad protesters as it has been about Islam’s treatment of women as lesser beings.

PETA was able to recruit a clutch of high-profile representatives from among the usual coven of semi-celebrities hoping to lift their magazine profiles from thoughtless banality to at least the level of fingernail clinic intellectualism to spearhead the push against mulesing of merino sheep.

Anyone familiar with the production of fine wool would be aware that the merino breed, which furnishes the world’s better quality suiting, has a wrinkly skin beneath its woolly fleece.

That skin is particularly vulnerable to fly strike, especially around the sheep’s breech, where the wool is more likely to be damp and dirty from urine and faeces.

Mulesing is the best means of protecting fly-struck sheep from a lingering and painful death.

Empty-headed fashionistas and animal liberationists do not know this however, possibly because merinos rarely make an appearance in the inner urban salons and cafes where latte is served.

The wool industry does though, and while working to find better solutions, is being crippled by mindless objectors who buy the PETA line but never see the dying and crippled sheep that might have been saved, but for PETA’s anti-mulesing campaign.

PETA has reached new heights, or perhaps, has submerged to new depths with its current anti-fishing campaign.

Not only do anglers around Australia face growing threats from such lobby groups as the NSW National Parks Association, a group that has taken it upon itself to offer gratuitous advice to the State Government about the need to quarantine vast areas of the coastal waters from all forms of fishing, and inhibit the recreational use of swaths of accessible waterways, PETA has now also plunged in to add its mite to the propaganda war.

Demonstrating that April is not the only month for fools to parade publicly, PETA last week launched a campaign to get the public to call fish - no kidding - “sea kittens”.

This is apparently intended to make the idea of a fish meal less inviting.

Admittedly, kits-and-chips does not have the quite same ring to it as fish-and-chips but fortunately, The Daily Telegraph’s readers were well ahead of the radical protest group and responded to the new ploy as they so often do, with typical Aussie humour.

In an e-mail to the lively Online page, Mick West wrote: “Sea kitten on the barbie, or PETA pie sounds good.”

Another reader, who suggested a juicy lamb meal, or a side of fallow deer, said he fully supported PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals.

It almost seems a shame that PETA’s anti-seafood campaign was launched as the number of shark attacks around Australian beaches soared.

As eccentric as it may have been, the PETA people were matched in their lunacy by claims from The Sydney Morning Herald’s ever-hysterical environmental cheer squad that a king tide yesterday would give Sydneysiders a foretaste of the perils of rising sea levels brought on by global warming.

While the good citizens of Balmain may have rushed to the bottom of their (fairy) gardens with their tape measures, to those who live and work around the waterfront, yesterday’s tide seemed no greater or lesser than the tides which normally occur about this time of year

Predictably, global warming’s rising tide failed to lift all boasts.


Vest said…
King tide? A localised term when a unusually high Spring tide occurs.
A spring tide denotes the highest and lowest movements, whereas the neap tide is that of the lowest high tide and the highest low tide.
Of course you knew that didn't you.
Anonymous said…
So the Korean clothing giant Kukdong's chooses not to use Australian wool because of mulesing, like everyone else protesting.
Well I find nothing wrong with museling, I enjoy it every morning for breakfast.
Anonymous said…
Shark numbers are increasing so rapidly we'll soon be able to walk from Bondi to Bilgola on a solid bridge of these creatures.
That is if you don't mind arriving a couple of feet shorter.
Strange thing is, our fascination of these mighty sea beasts is more likely to draw people to the beaches than drive them away. MIKE.
Anonymous said…
What is mulesing vesty? sounds like a singing donkey or sumfing - that could be painful ;)))
Keshi said…
Humans r the most carnivorous of all! :)

Hey Vesty hope all is well with ur health now?

Anonymous said…
Talking to a friend of mine's little girl, and she said she wanted to be Prime Minister some day.
Both of her parents, Labor, were standing there, so I asked her,
"If you were Prime Minister what would be the first thing you'd do?"
She replied, "I'd give food and houses to all the homeless people."
"Wow - what a worthy goal." I told her, "But you don't have to wait until you're Prime Minister to do that. You can come over to my house and mow the lawn, pull up the weeds, sweep my patio, and I'll pay you $50. Then I'll take you over to the Coles where a homeless chap hangs out, and you can give him the $50 to use toward food or a new house."
She thought that over for a few seconds 'cause she's only six.
And while her Mum glared at me, she looked me straight in the eye and asked "Why doesn't the homeless man come over and do the work, and you can just pay him the $50?"
And I replied, "Welcome to the Liberal Party."
Her parents still aren't talking to me.
Vest said…
Greg Mathews: you have a computer/ check it out on Google.

LDL: Swimming in a Sharks Dining Room is not clever.

Keshi: You wrote, Humans r the most carnivorous of all :)).

Cannibals too Keshi, some don't have to be dead either, It depends mainly on the hype and taste buds of individuals. H'mm.

Graeme: Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings comes the truth.

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