Friday, 3 December 2021

Back in Horse Piddle

My son, Chris, took the following two videos in my room at Wyong Hospital.

Note! You may have to press the play button twice to start each video.

There is another video, but it was too big to upload, so you will have to look at it here

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

The Last Post

I am sorry to say this blog will soon have its final post, this post may be my last. 

I would like to say "Thank You" to all of you nice people with whom I have been in blog contact over the past sixteen years.

Unfortunately, my health issues have become worse over the past two weeks, my mobility is at its lowest point; and I become dizzy after a couple of paces, I am using oxygen permanently. It feels like I  am falling apart; I have Kidney - Heart - Lung and Bladder problems, plus many other add ons to stir the mix.

I am still living? at home, where I have a comfortable environment and the necessary assistance,. I do not sleep well; probably due to loss of body activity. 

My eldest son Christopher will be the person to inform you of my final time on earth.  I need to lay down for a while right now. My best wishes to you all.

Vest Daily Gaggle, AKA.  Leslie John Bowyer. 

Saturday, 2 October 2021

LOWES .Or should their trading name be SLOWES

I am back on deck once again after another stint in my local body repairing establishment. I have sent packing to St vinnies the tired clothing stuffing up my wardrobe,; and have bought new stuff . My most recent order on line was for four tops to replace the old rags. This order was finalised last Monday from a shop in the local shopping complex, and will I have been informed; reach me by next Tuesday, after a week in transit. thinking that it only takes 12 minutes to get to the shop in my electric buggy; or three mins in a car or one day by a legless blind person1 what the blazes are they using for their trasportation. 'Lowes' should tack on a large S in front of their trading name.

Friday, 6 August 2021

I have returned from my local hospital.

After Eight days of incarceration in a hospital bed without excersize except for those of visits to the toilet on wobbly legs and one nurse assisted, it is of little wonder I am back to square one with my mobility, Other horror occasios the recent Tuesday and Wednesday nights around 2AM freezing near naked in the toiet waiting for the nurse, those two occsions of misery approx 45 minutes.the first and the next at least 30 mins. This visit was intended to be similar to previous times, for a pump out job on the nether regions wherein excess Urine seeps. The previous occasion - the 4th I was in and out within one day, and all was well, and despite the hospital having all the details; the appointed Doctor whose name I cannot pronounce and brain I cannot believe has this song and dance tune on LP called "tomorrow I want to see you" on the flip side reads-a song, Its called "Paying off The MERC"." Having listened to his last lot of twaddle, I although weakened from my stay managed to escape but have lost my best reading glasses, the sorry details,will have to wait. in the meatime I am expected to carry an extra 2 litres plus liquid around of overflow; when the bladder only holds 500 ml. Try hanging that amount in a plastic bottle around your waist. I must end here at this point having condensed the problems; due to to feeling fuzzy and tired, I must rest. ......back later VEST DAILY GAGGLE.COM the first and the next at least 30 mins

Monday, 19 July 2021

The old rustic Bridge by theMill.

THE OLD RUSTIC BRIDGE BY THE MILL. I recall my Dad singing this song. Dad passed away in 1930 aged 40; due to a recurrence of a WW1 war wound in France on the western front. My dear departed Rosemary loved it too. div I am thinking tonight of the old rustic bridge That bends o'er the murmuring stream 'Twas there, Maggie dear, with our hearts full of cheer We strayed 'neath the moon's gentle beam 'Twas there I first met you, the light of your eyes Awoke in my heart a sweet thrill Though now far away, still my thoughts fondly stray To the old rustic bridge by the Mill. Chorus: Beneath it the stream gently ripples Around it the birds love to trill Though now far away, my thoughts fondly stray To the old rustic bridge by the Mill. I keep in my mem'ry the love of the past With me 'tis as bright as of old For deep in my heart it was planted to last In absence it never grows cold I think of you darling when lonely at night And when all is peaceful and still My heart wanders back in a dream of delight To the old rustic bridge by the Mill.

Saturday, 17 July 2021

A new era for the 'The Daily Gaggle'.

Yes,it has happened. My senior Son Christoper has convinced me - mind you under severe pressure that is - that I should have a Facebook Account. This is apparently due to enormity of replies from my own plus his frequently published Face book pages. However, how I shall cope means that I shall have to employ him as a defacto (Dorothy Proops) to reply to the Multitude of mail expected. "What" - do not Know of Good old Dorothy? She must be on google somewhere. Despite being isolated, yesterday proved that togetherness can be achieved through other means like telecommunications and the like ( and you you dont to shower and dress plus travel to be with those who are dear to you, I quite often enjoy a one sided chat with my dear departed Rosemary - a secluded place of my home- followed by tears of remembrance. I would like very much to say THANK YOU, for the Numerous gifts - cards and calls to all of those concerned and to scores of Face book callers from all parts of the World. At the moment I am too tired to write more. See you soon. Grand Pa Les circa 1926 95.... Vest Daily Gaggle.

Back in Horse Piddle

My son, Chris, took the following two videos in my room at Wyong Hospital. Note! You may have to press the play button twice to start each ...